Steven Tyler

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Guess he shouldn't have walked that way.

Sexagenarian rock god Steven Tyler was airlifted to a hospital after falling off stage and suffering minor head, neck, shoulder and, one would assume, ego, injuries midway through a concert in South Dakota last night.

The lipped one was gamely dancing around the stage in an effort to entertain the crowd while performing "Love in an Elevator" after the sound system at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally went out. While jumping around on the stage's catwalk, the rocker fell backward onto some fans.

The concert was stopped and the 61-year-old Aerosmith frontman was quickly choppered over to the nearby Rapid City Regional Hospital.

Which means right about now, he may be thinking what plenty of people have for years. He's getting too old for this...

After several minutes, Joe Perry came back on stage to apologize for fans and announce that the show would not go on, something of a recurring theme for what may be fast becoming the most injury-prone rock band.

Earlier this year, guitarist Brad Whitford was absent from the road after smashing his head while exiting his Ferrari in what we're sure was an alcohol-free episode; early last month, the group postponed several dates after Tyler strained a leg muscle onstage; and bassist Tom Hamilton sat out a number of shows after requiring non-invasive surgery for an undisclosed offstage mishap.

Sounds like someone hasn't been taking their Centrum Silver.


If Steven Tyler injured himself at a motorcycle rally, we hate to think what would happen if he actually got on a bike. Check out the stars in our Easy Riders gallery, who could surely teach Tyler a thing or two about going whole hog.

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