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Dear Ted:
I just watched Jennifer Lopez's appearance on Rachael Ray, and she made several unflattering comments about her hubby. Not that I am surprised that all is not family bliss in the Lopez-Anthony household, but I was kinda surprised she made these comments on national TV. And she was plugging a vaccine for whooping cough. The whole thing was just really odd. What is your take on their marriage?
—Perplexed in the mountains

Dear J.Love:
Jennifer would never admit anything was wrong with her life, ever. I don't know if I see divorce in their future; I just see a mostly uncomfortable coupling, especially for Anthony. Jennifer would never let herself have another publicly failed marriage. Never. Not sure if it's the Catholic or the C-word in her.

Dear Ted:
Got a great story idea for you. Actually, I have two ideas. You had compared the Harry Potter and Twilight movies and actors with one another, but instead you should have compared the production studios with one another. One is a class act and will be around a long time. The other, let's just say, will be featured as an E! True Hollywood Story: The Rise and Fall of Summit Entertainment. Can't wait to watch it.

Dear No Wait:
You're watching it happening live right now!

Dear Ted:
You were right all along about the how shady Summit really is and the low levels it will stoop to! First with Robsten and now with Rachelle Lefevre. Do the suits there have any idea how horrible they look? They seriously messed up with Rachelle, and now they're tring to pin it back on her. I think they are absolute scum! Do you think they will ever let Robsten be or let us have Rachelle back?

Dear Slummit:
No on both counts. But hey, at least Rachelle can hook up with whomever she wants in the Twi crew and they can't stop her!

Dear Ted:
What the bleep is up with these black wristbands everyone is wearing? I can't find a thing on them. What are they all about? Care to fill the tragically unhip and obviously not-in-the-know folks in on this one? Can you pretty please tweet any info you find, too? I have no idea why I care about this nonsense, but this stupid mystery is annoying me.

Dear Fashion Faux Pas:
It means the same celebs are attending the same gifting suites. Too bad for the black bracelet makers that they aren't making it easier for star effers to pick up some of their own.

Dear Ted:
It's clear that Nikki Reed is definitely not as "in the picture" as she was up until New Moon wrapped. Why? Is she still Kristen's BFF?

Dear BFF Bust:
K.Stew doesn't need friends like Nikki. Personally, I'm holding out for Bryce Dallas Howard and Kristen to become the hot new besties on the Young H'wood scene.

Dear Ted:

Dear Kettle:
Only if you turn off the caps lock!

Dear Ted:
Why don't you just name this section The Awful Truth of Robsten since that's all you seem to write about. I used to read your column every day, but now I just scan it to read the non-Robsten gossip, which leaves me with little to read. Get your head out of their asses and give us the gossip on real Hollywood stars.

Dear Anti-Robsten:
Uh, babe? Robert Pattinson is the biggest star on the planet right now. And if I've got a scoop or two (or 30) on him and his co-Twi babes, I'm going to share it.

Dear Ted:
Do you feel like Megan Fox lives up to the hype? I feel like, with most actors, it's based on beauty and age rather than talent. The ones who are really talented just don't get the press they deserve.

Dear Hype Honey:
She lives up to being hot, which is all she's aiming for right now. Can't wait to see Jennifer's Body, tho I have a feeling blond cutie Amanda Seyfried is gonna steal that movie right out from under Fox's fangs.

Dear Ted:
I'm in the Dominican Republic for vacation, and I only go to E! Online to hear from you. Not even being in another country will ever stop me from reading you. Seriously never ever stop writing. I will die if you do. I only have one question: Has Summit ever had any other problem like Robsten? It feels like Summit is only picking on them, or is it that they are making a bigger deal than what it really is?

Dear Before Robsten:
The ultimate costars clandestinely coupling up on a flick, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, was a Summit movie. Coincidence?

Dear Ted:
Watching the Comic-Con interviews, it looked like all the Twi castmembers were embracing the event except Kristen Stewart. I thought her responses to questions were a bit unprofessional and contemptuous, albeit, she is young. Your sources say she was tired and overworked; to me she looked like she was on something. Thoughts? And your efforts for shelter animals are to be applauded. It's so great that you can use your platform to encourage others. I just got an Airedale rescue, and she's a dream!

Dear Narc:
So a chick who decides not to play the boobie/blondie/flirty thing in H'wood is automatically assumed to be a heroin addict? So boring and predictable. Still, glad you're enjoying your new family member more than K.Stew enjoyed Comic-Con! Big lick to your new baby!

Dear Ted:
No question. I think you've been hacked. There is a link over Ted's picture with the words "The Ugly Truth." Don't know where the link goes, and I wouldn't click, but it's not an E! Online link. Guess Ted pissed off the Twi-hards again.

Dear Wrong Truth:
That's a promotion for the Gerard Butler movie, dear. Would you have preferred his face to be up top? I sure wouldn't!

Dear Ted:
Is Nevis Divine Hayden Christensen?

Dear Hayden Hoping:
Can you believe he's not? It's someone just as dreamy! Though Hayden has one B.V. that's just as juicy.

Dear Ted:
Love Rob! Love, love, love him. Love you, too. Keep up the strong voice for animal shelter adoption. I got my cat at a shelter here in Boston. Is Mike Myers Nevis Divine?

Dear Mike Muck:
No, just no! Much, much hotter—bod and career wise.

Dear Ted:
After all the comments about Robsten being together, you always say "trust." How are you so confident they are together?

Dear Truthiness:
Because I trust my sources, doll. They haven’t let me down yet.

Dear Ted:
Love you and your column. If Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are in fact a couple but Summit won't allow them to "out" themselves, do you think that frustration and pressure could cause them to break up? Also, it's obvious that they are both overwhelmed and stressed with their Twilight fame and "undercover relationship," but who is having the harder time? Kristen or Rob? At Comic-Con, they both looked tired and stressed, but Kristen looked particularly bad and very fidgety, causing me to wonder if she is Terry Tush-Trade? While Rob definitely looked tired. His disposition seemed much better than Kristen's. What do you think?

Dear Pressure Cooker:
The spotlight (but not the good one) has always been on poor Kristen to please the fans who are oh so jealous of her proximity to Rob. If Rob is stressed, Kristen must be 100 times more so, if only because of what everyone puts on her to perform well!

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