Brad Pitt, George Clooney

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We already know Brad Pitt is LGBTA-friendly. his self-proclaimed "soulmate," whom he calls Angelina in the latest Parade mag, is bisexual, after all. So we know the dude's pretty cool. But like his movie star BFF George Clooney Brad goes above and beyond using his celebrity to champion gay rights all through the interview, and we love it!

With Pitt and Clooney leading the Prop 8-hating pack, it's fab to see we've got some super classy A-listers to look up to, especially when stars like Oprah entirely refuse to embark in any gay-centric convo ever. Wonder why.

As gay-loving as Brad is, though, we're surprised...

...he has yet to play a not-so-straight stud on-screen. Since good roles for gay characters come once a decade in H-wood, and Milk's already filled that quota, he should head somewhere smaller to start.

So the folks over at Current TV should nab Brad to cameo in the next installment of our fave new twisted homo-rrific take on pop-culture, That's Gay!, since they're both telling mainstream America to get with it, already, when it comes to respecting all types of sexual orientations.

Plus, we bet Pitt would totally be into playing a more flamboyant fella as opposed to the predictable brooding hunky dudes he's forever typecast as. And we'd be a helluva lot less bored watching him in the following fast-paced three minute clip than all three billion hours of Benjamin Button:

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