Apparently, no one is safe from Daniel Edwards' "art."

The same guy who immortalized Britney Spears in the midst of childbirth, Suri Cruise's (ahem) poop, Oprah Winfrey and her dogs, Paris Hilton's organs and the Octomom in pink has taken on a subject a bit less laughable—Angelina Jolie.

The result, however, is no less creepy.

The New York-based artist has created a sculpture of the megastar nursing her and Brad Pitt's twins, Vivienne and Knox. Indeed, the work—called Landmark for Breastfeeding—is completely naked and meant to rest on a park bench.

While the "football hold" for breastfeeding is meant to show Brangelina's twins, Edwards has depicted one of them to be of African descent as a nod to the couple's adoption efforts and humanitarian work. He was inspired by Jolie's cover of W magazine. It's very deep.

"Hopefully, my sculpture inspires an increase of wetnurses to assist women who have concerns about mastitis, or passing HIV to their infant," he says of the reasoning behind the creation of the creation. Yeah, right.

The monument is set to be unveiled near Pitt's birthplace in Oklahoma City on Sept. 11, before she goes on exhibit in London.


Here are a whole bunch of pictures of Brangelina and their kids that are a lot less creepy.

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