Is a New Below Deck Sailing Yacht Boatmance Brewing? See Chase Make His First Move on Ileisha

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Deckhand Chase Lemacks awkwardly hits on his crush Chef Ileisha Dell in E! News' exclusive sneak peek. The only problem? She already has a boyfriend back home.

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Chase Lemacks is making it known that Ileisha Dell floats his boat.

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht deckhand makes his awkward first move on the Parsifal III chef in E! News' exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo series' June 19 episode.

After joining the foodie in the galley, Chase offers to assist Ileisha with her perp work, to which she replies with surprise, "You want to help me?"

"Yeah," he answers, "that way you can finish and get in this cold tub with me. Don't look at my willy though, because it's going to be freezing."

The only problem with Chase's advances? Ileisha already has a boyfriend back home.

"Chase is a sweetheart, he's good-looking, he's tall, he's got a good body," Ileisha explains in a confessional, "but my boyfriend has all of those things as well. It's always tough to do long distance, but I'm pretty loyal."

She quickly corrects herself, "Pretty? I mean, I am loyal."

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Back in his cabin, Chase confesses his crush on Ileisha to bunkmate Gary King by telling him, "I'm just gonna lay here and hope Ileisha comes crawling into bed."

Gary even encourages the possible new boatmance. "I mean, she says she's got a boyfriend," Gary replies, "but why don't you go and explore it?"

Chase responds, "I tell you what, if she crawled into this bed I definitely wouldn't kick her out."

See Chase make his first move in the preview above.

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