Modest Mouse's 'King Rat' (music video), Heath Ledger

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Heath Ledger's work is still living on. And rocking out.

The long-teased, Ledger-directed music video for Modest Mouse's "King Rat" was finally released online, more than two years after word broke that the collaboration made in indie heaven was in the works, and 19 months after the star passed away.

"This began with our friend, a great defender of life, and was completed in his spirit," the dedication at the video's end reads.

Clearly borrowing a page from his filmmaking friend Terry Gilliam, Ledger conceived the clip "down to the last detail" back in 2007, but the video was left unfinished when he died in January 2008.

Enter The Masses, a film and video company in which the late actor was a partner. With Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock's blessing, the company carried out Ledger's vision.

And what a vision it was: The animated video role-reverses the illegal commercial whale hunts which take place off the coast of Australia. Fittingly, all proceeds made during the video's first month of release will benefit the whale-preserving Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


The only thing that could have made the music video better? Casting Megan Fox. See why (as if you didn't know) here.

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