Would Ryan Seacrest Like to Be a Dad One Day? He Says…

Ryan Seacrest has a stacked résumé as a media mogul, but would he ever want to take on the title of dad? In an exclusive interview with E!, he reveals if he’d like to become a father one day.

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Ryan Seacrest is a TV host, radio star, producer and philanthropist. But would he ever want to take on the role of dad?

"Well, I'm trying to get feedback on how I would do," the media mogul exclusively told E! News at Children's Hospital of Orange County in California. "Spending time with these kids and spending time with my niece is definitely something that I love. You know, I have a very close family, a very tight family, so I love family. So, I guess we'll see." (To see more from Ryan's interview, watch E! News tonight.)

For now, Ryan—who's been dating model Aubrey Paige since 2021—is focusing on other chapters. Not only did he just wrap up season 21 of American Idol, but he also left Live last month after co-hosting with Kelly Ripa for six seasons, with her husband Mark Consuelos taking his place.

"Because I'm so trained to turn my hats in and out—put one on, take another one off—I like that. I like the rhythm of different things," the 48-year-old said of his different jobs. "I don't do well if I have to do a job for 12 hours. I'd rather do four in 12 hours. I like the rhythm of moving."

Ryan Seacrest Has a Million Jobs

Ryan is also continuing to work on his non-profit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and its Seacrest Studios initiative—which builds media centers in pediatric hospitals to give patients the opportunity to, as he notes, "have fun, tap into their talents and forget about the serious stuff they're going through."

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It's an organization that is near and dear to his heart.

"When you're a parent and you have to use one of these hospitals, it's unexpected," the former host of E!'s Live From the Red Carpet added. "You're not quite sure what's going to happen. It can be very difficult. And when I see a mom laugh or smile or even shed a tear because their child is having a great day, or a child's having a moment where they've made new friends or they've become the star, that's why this is important to me."

Overall, Ryan appears to be enjoying life, and he's previously expressed how he isn't in any rush to tie the knot or have kids.

"I'm happy. I'm happy in the present moment," the On Air With Ryan Seacrest host said on an August episode of Live when asked if he'd ever like to marry one day. "I don't think about everything else."

Although, he noted he hasn't ruled out the idea of fatherhood completely, adding, "I think having kids at the right time would be great."

- Reporting by Rebecca Ray

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