Justin Timberlake Declares He's Now Going By "Jessica Biel's Boyfriend" After Hilarious TikTok Comment

Justin Timberlake had the best response to a TikTok comment telling the singer that ”his girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel.”

By Brittany Vincent May 18, 2023 9:13 PMTags
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Justin Timberlake is saying bye bye bye to his current moniker.

The singer jokingly renamed himself in a new TikTok responding to a commenter who wrote, "I don't know who you are but your girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel. Congrats!" The commenter, of course, referring to Justin's wife of 10 years. In the video, Justin responded by saying, "Yeah, yeah," all while lowering his sunglasses in a dramatic way.  

The 42-year-old captioned the May 16 clip, "From now on I'm only going by ‘Jessica Biel's Boyfriend.'"

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Romance Rewind

The hilarious exchange comes just months after Justin and the 7th Heaven star celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

The longtime couple—who share sons Silas, 8, and Phineas, 2—even renewed their vows in October 2022, mirroring their wedding with a ceremony in Italy.

And ahead of reaching the milestone, Jessica, 41, reflected on her and Justin's journey together.

"I sometimes feel like 10 years has just flown by in the blink of an eye and other times I feel like, ‘Oh, my gosh, 10 years, that's a really substantial amount of someone's life,'" she told Access Hollywood in April 2022. "I just feel really proud of it. I'm still the happiest and loving my life."


And Justin has proven he's just as proud, paying homage to Jessica this past Mother's Day.

"This human right here! Mom, partner, brilliant, beautiful, badass," the Grammy winner wrote on Instagram alongside the photo. "You are always there for me and these boys no matter the time of day or night. I'm in awe of you and beyond grateful that you are ours. We love you, Mommy!"

He signed the post, "Your baby boys and the big kid you said yes to."

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