Anne Hathaway, Adam Schulman

Humberto Carreno/

Anne Hathaway and boyf Adam Shulman in Greenwhich Village in New York shopping at D'Agostino. Anne went anti-incognito and didn't don a hat or sunglasses to conceal her identity.

Sans makeup, Hath-hon still looked totally fab in a pair of boyfriend jeans, which looked better on her than her bitchy bf. A Hathaway-lovin' shopper snuck a photo of the upcoming White Queen in Alice in Wonderland, only to get screamed at by Shulman!

Who does he think he is, Lindsay effin' Lohan? AH kept quiet the whole time while Ad bitched out his gf's (perhaps now former) fan. Wow, Anne sure knows how to pick the douche guys, eh? At least he's slightly less greasy than the last amour.

Another famous girl who seemed happy to be free from her last morally suspect fella was…

Christina Ricci having a grand ole arty time at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. The party girl was checking out Patrick Hoelck's art exhibit with some female friends, drinking copiously at the bar. The newly single Ricci wore a white dress and looked extremely itty bitty in it.

Our on-the-scene source says CR seemed pretty happy, no teardrops landing in her martini at any point. Maybe breaking off her engagement to Owen Benjamin was for the best? Sorry that didn't work out, but a marriage that starts off with one insane engagement party prolly wasn't gonna last!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and MoMo Zhou

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