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"Filming has been set since January," sasses Deep Twi when we probed some more 'bout this Rachelle Lefevre situation. "She was very much kept in the loop about that."

The battle between Rachelle's peeps and Summit over the premature firing is getting legal now, so don't expect to see anymore statements from either camp. But don't think execs over there have forgotten about Lefevre's (surprisingly) public bashing.

"Her people are spinning this," dishes one of our peeved inside sources.

After all the fan outcry, though, wonder if Summit having a change of casting heart? Remember, tho, last time we checked in Rach's fate was pretty much sealed in that she would not have a chance at playing Victoria again.

But are all the petitions changing that?

That has yet to be determined. We've been told that meetings between the studio and Rachelle are still going down, to see how best to sort out the whole damn mess. So we'll get back to you with an update on those as soon as we hear a resolution. Promise. But either way we're not so worried about Rachelle—or Twilight.

Her firing is hardly going to hurt the franchise. Or Summit's pocketbook. And RL might have gotten the best deal anyways. Barney's Version so makes sense for getting Rachelle seen as a far more serious actress, joining Dustin Hoffman, Minnie Driver, Paul Giamatti (all Oscar anointed babes, remember, two for Hoffman alone). Lainey saw this right away, it's a no brainer, really.

So Lefevre will no longer be typecast as one of the Twi hangers-on and never a serious player, right? After all, she's done two of the damn features, already! More than Catherine Hardwicke can say…

What say you all? Are we just seeing the silver lining here, or could this move actually workout better for Ms. Lefevre in the end?

—Additional Reporting by Taryn Ryder

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