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Was that Eric racing to Sookie's rescue last night on True Blood? And what might Ms. Stackhouse's current damsel-in-distress situation mean for her romance with Bill and her connection to Eric?

We've got True Blood dish in the spoiler section, along with some great goodies on fan faves like One Tree Hill, Dexter and Mad Men. Read on for this week's juicy TV scoop:

Lexi in Las Vegas: Got any True Blood goodies about my beloved Alexander Skarsgård?

If Alexander Skarsgard waxing poetic on his character Eric is a goodie, then, yes, my friend, we have more True Blood goodies: "Eric was kind of misunderstood. A lot of people would come up to me and say, 'Oh, you're the evil...the bad guy.' I always had to defend him because there's more to him than that," says Alexander. "I actually got a chance to show that [this season]. I mean, he is a badass, of course, but I'm just happy because as an actor, you shouldn't play the same note for two years. You have to show different layers and go deeper and show that there's more to the character than that. And I've had fun this season because I have been able to show that he does have a sensitive side, a loyal side. He doesn't care for a lot of people, and not for a lot of vampires either, but the ones he cares about he's very, very, very loyal and devoted to."

Sara in Chicago: I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. How close is the Sookie in the books to the Sookie on True Blood?
Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie on True Blood, says they are one in the same. "I read the books rabidly," she says. "I felt that the Sookie that was on the page and the script was very much like the Sookie in the books."

Lyndsey in Redondo Beach, Calif.: I heard a rumor that Emily Deschanel's sister Zooey might be on Bones. True or false?
Will you accept a "hopefully"? We heard the same thing about the lovely Zooey Deschanel, so we asked her sister Emily at Comic-Con, and she told us this: "We've been trying to get her on. We haven't figured that out yet. She's a very busy person." Added Bones show runner Hart Hanson, "We've actually written parts that she can do, and then it doesn't work out. We'll just keep trying."

James in Newport Beach, Calif.: Looking forward to Brothers & Sisters in the fall! Any spoilers?
We don't know much yet, except that they are back in production. We ran into Sarah Jane Morris (Julia Walker) last week, and she said she hasn't heard if her character is returning to the show. "I hope so. I think so. If it comes up, great. If not, I had a fantastic send-off," she said. We asked her if she had any upcoming projects. "Right now I'm really itching to do a play. But if I could be on Friday Night Lights, my life would be made." Our lives would be made, too! Sarah has great taste!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Meredith in Calgary, Canada: I need some news on True Blood!
(1) Check out the awesome trailer above for an early look at the rest of the season! (2) Next week on True Blood, when poor dead zombie Daphne's (Ashley Jones) body is discovered, people start to suspect that Sam (Sam Trammell) killed her. Awww...poor guy can't catch a break. Also, Sookie and Eric grow closer over the next few episodes, after our fave Viking vamp is injured and needs her help. Do you consider that news awful or awesome? Post in the comments!

Melissa in Wilmington, Del.: Got any Lost news? I'm so excited for the new season since Comic-Con!
In case you missed it last week, we broke the news that Dominic Monaghan returns as Charlie Pace for three episodes in Lost season six. Yay!

Christy in Temecula, Calif.: Do you have any news on Dan from Gossip Girl?
We hear he's getting ripped! Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley tells E! News that he's been working out, something that's going to appear on the show as well. Penn says, "By the end of 10 months, when you've been shooting day in and day out, you look like a pale, malnourished Gollum. So, I just took the opportunity over the break to get healthy, and I'm going to maintain that." BTW, if you want scoop about Dan and Serena (and Chuck and Blair!) don't miss our exclusive Gossip Girl set visit videos.

Michelle in Rancho Bernardo, Calif.: More Smallville scoop please! What's coming up with Tess?
Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) is going to be in some big trouble when the new season of Smallville kicks off. In the season-nine promo shown at Comic-Con, Tess is fighting with Major Zod (Callum Blue) himself. Cassidy exclusively tells us, "We start out heavy. In the first episode, we start out really going at it, and it's really fun." So is Tess biting off more than she can chew this season on Smallville? "She has to figure out whether she's screwed the pooch or whether she's doing a good thing. She hasn't figured it out yet, but she absolutely will," says Cassidy.

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris /The CW

Marc in Keene, Neb.: Any Brooke Davis news? I love me some Sophia Bush on One Tree Hill.
As a matter of fact, Sophia Bush tells us that good things are on the way for B. Davis on One Tree Hill this season. "It's really exciting for Brooke this year, with her business [and] her relationship with Julian (Austin Nichols)," says Sophia. "Brooke and her mother had a beautiful ending to their story last year, and I'm really excited to explore that as well with Daphne [Zuniga]. It's going to be really good." Yay! Finally some happiness for our favorite Tree Hiller.

Cordelia in Fairfax, Del.: Thanks for the One Tree Hill scoop last week! Any word on what will happen in the premiere?
The One Tree Hill gang gets together to celebrate little Jamie's birthday after a one-year time jump. Little J's party brings together the castmembers you already know and love and some of the fresh faces we've told you about. Newbie Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) attends the festivities, and she tells us: "The episode is an introduction to all of the new characters. I come to Jamie's birthday party [because] I haven't seen them in a while. It's reconnecting with the family, and I get to smash Jamie's face into a cake!" Robert Buckley's Clay shows up, too, with a special guest in tow. "I surprise Jamie by actually bringing Jerry Rice to sign his Jerry Rice jersey," says Robert.

Miracle in Australia: What's the deal with Robert Buckley's character on One Tree Hill?
Sports-agent stereotypes aside, it sounds like Robert Buckley's character, Clay, is a pretty cool dude. "Clay's a great agent. He hustles and gets what he goes for, but there is a good deal of compassion and loyalty to him," Robert tells us. Still, expect a little drama heading his way. This is One Tree Hill, after all. "He's got a lot of mystery to him, a lot of likeable qualities," says Buckley, "but maybe not a lot of accessible likable qualities."

Eleanor in Salt Lake City: Any new news on Supernatural?
Jim Beaver told us to expect a huge Bobby-related twist early in Supernatural's fifth season. He says, "There's something pretty big that happens with Bobby in the first episodes. Really big. It's going to have a huge impact on his relationship with the boys—but I don't know what that impact is, because I've only seen the first three scripts."

Private Practice, KaDee Strickland


Bambi33 in Palo Alto, Calif.: Private Practice comes back soon. What do you know about season three?
Private Practice castmembers just finished shooting the first episode of the new season, according to KaDee Strickland (Dr. Charlotte King), who also spilled about season three's love triangles: "I think I'm perfectly well-placed with Cooper. Other characters are going to have more of a triangle than me and Violet." She also said the cliffhangers have exciting resolutions. "It's very shocking. The audience is going to be on their toes the whole time. The twists and turns are unexpected."

Linda in Pomona, Calif.: Got any Dollhouse news?
Boy do we. Show runner Joss Whedon spilled some Dollhouse dish at the Television Critics Association tour about what's in store for Echo (Eliza Dushku). Joss says, "Echo starts really realizing that as a person, she not only exists, but that she has a mission—that she has something she wants. This year we are going to see the results of everything she went through last year, particularly the event with Alpha where she was downloaded with all of her personalities. We are going to see what effect that's had on her, and we are going to find her to be a great deal less passive and a great deal more directed in what she wants, and that is, of course, going to make her life a lot harder. And the more she finds out about what is going on around her and the more we find out, the creepier it is going to get, because creepy is what it makes it fun."

Tim in Pittsburgh: With Amy Acker now on Happy Town, will she be in Dollhouse next season?
Dollhouse boss Joss Whedon can answer this for you: "Yes, and it is not nearly as much as we would like, but we are going to make the most of [Amy Acker] in those few."

Edith in Youngstown, Ohio: Can you give us a hint about the "horrifying" thing in the Sons of Anarchy season premiere?
We are not spilling a word on Sons of Anarchy's horrifying twist, but we do have some happy news to offer you instead: You Jax fans should be mighty pleased to see buck-naked Charlie Hunnam in a shower scene toward the end of the season-two premiere. The view is very satisfying, and you'll also learn that in the month or so since the season-one finale, Jax has gotten himself a new tattoo that includes the name of another character on the show. Guesses?

Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Marielle in Oregon City, Ore.: Is The Big Bang Theory's new 9:30 time slot going to change the show at all?
That seemed to be a huge concern with the Comic-Con crowd too, but The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre assured us that our nerdy heroes will remain the same: "There's an innocence to the characters that's part of what makes them special, and we need to protect that," he explained. "The time slot shouldn't have any impact on how they behave and talk—even if it's a sexual story. It needs to be done in a certain way." Hmmm, are Leonard and Penny heading into a "sexual story?" Just sayin'.

Gary in Honolulu: Got any Nurse Jackie scoop? I'm addicted. (Pun intended.)
Ha! Yes, we do. Two main characters on Nurse Jackie lock lips for the first time in the Aug. 10 episode. Plus, Zoey (Merritt Wever) walks in on Jackie (Edie Falco) having sex with Eddie (Paul Schulze), and there is a fun altercation between Jackie and Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli). Next week's episode is overflowing with must-see scenes!

Melody in Conroe, Texas: Any scoop you can share about Mad Men? I can't wait for it to start up again!
In the Mad Men season-three premiere, we'll learn a secret about Dick Whitman's early years, one that explains a lot about why Don Draper feels so disconnected from his roots.

Jamie in St. Cloud, Minn.: Don't laugh, but my mom's favorite show is Monk, and she wanted to know if you had any info about the final season?
The eighth and final season of Monk premieres this Friday with a hilarious Brady Bunch parody episode. Apparently Monk is obsessed with The Cooper Clan, which served as his surrogate TV family in childhood. When he meets a now-grown-up Cooper, played by Weeds' Elizabeth Perkins, he's initially delighted, but then he reads her autobiography and learns that she's actually a strung-out whore. Watching that reality smack Monk in the face is hilarious, as is a blackout dream sequence where we see Monk in bell bottoms and an Afro as "Adrian Cooper," the most beloved member of the Cooper clan.

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Peter Iovino/Showtime

Kayla in Irvine, Calif.: Is Dexter's baby going to have the Dark Passenger inside of him as well?
As we teased before, Dexter is open to talking to his boy Harrison about his little secret, but as far as little Harry being a future serial killer, Michael C. Hall says, "He's yet to show any demonstrable signs to show that he wants to kill." Whew, because his dad being a serial killer is enough for one family!

Sally in Baltimore: Enough about Dexter and his new baby. What about his new stepkids?
Rita's kids are definitely growing up this season, but Astor (Christina Robinson) is headed into tween territory, and it's not pretty. "Astor has a little bit more attitude, and she isn't quite as happy just to be a kid. She's flexing her young-woman muscles, and it perplexes Dexter," show runner Sara Colleton tells us. Dex is finally going to get to play dad, too, when little A falls for the local heartthrob. "There's a very hip, cool, older kid in the neighborhood whom she develops a very big crush on." And Cody (Preston Bailey) is still blissfully innocent, with "a swimming pool next door and all the food that he can eat. He literally says, 'I want to be just like Dexter.' " Uh-oh, that could be dangerous. Stay tuned.

Kerrin in Portland, Maine: Can we get some scoop on Warehouse 13? I'm loving it!
So are we! Don't tell Artie, but Warehouse 13 executive producers David Simkins and Jack Kenny shared some secrets about what's in store for the storage-facility caretaker and his cohorts: "Later in the season, we meet a group called the Regents (nine average people, kind of like the Supreme Court, who make decisions about the warehouse) and see the dynamic between them and Artie and Mrs. Frederic. And we have a big surprise coming up with Leena at the very end of the season—a lot of things get turned on their heads. There are several surprises." Also, Leena's permanent houseguests, agents Pete and Myka, "go on a difficult hunt" for something that's long eluded Artie. "And unfortunately," Kenny says, "they find it."

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm

HBO / Ron Batzdorff

Steven in Hendersonville, N.C.: Thanks for the Curb Your Enthusiasm scoop on the Seinfeld reunion! What other guest stars will we see this season?
Curb Your Enthusiasm boss Larry David says, "You will [see Loretta this season]. I don't want to say how many shows she's going to be in, but you will be seeing her." Isn't that exciting? Besides Vivica A. Fox returning, here are just a few of the others making an appearance: Ted Danson, Bob Einstein, Sharon Lawrence, Richard Lewis, Rosie O'Donnell, Catherine O'Hara, Meg Ryan, Elisabeth Shue, Christian Slater, J.B. Smoove, Mary Steenburgen and Sherry Stringfield.

Ben in Las Vegas: We need more Curb Your Enthusiasm scoop please!
Larry David is diving back into the dating pool this season. As seen in the trailer they showed at the Television Critics Association, Larry was attempting to make love to a woman in a wheelchair, but that won't be the only action he gets. Says David, "There's a little dating, yes. I think there are two dating shows, and they were fun." Does that mean we won't see Cheryl Hines this season? "Cheryl is back in it, yes, she's in it," he adds.

Andy in Mesa, Ariz.: On Hung, are Ray's friends or family ever going to figure out what he's doing as a side job?
Not likely. The producers of Hung believe the show is about much more than just hiding a secret. "We're not so interested in that," says executive producer Colette Burson. "We're not interested in who finds out and in him trying to hide it—that feels false to us. We're much more interested in him alone in a room with a woman, or his relationship with his ex-wife, or his relationship with his pimp. It's really about those interconnections to us."

Beth in Springfield, Mass.: What's the deal with Maura Tierney's character on Rescue Me?
In the Aug. 11 Rescue Me episode, we find out that Maura Tierney's character, Kelly, is a rocker chick who once dated Mick Jagger, smokes weed and thinks Tommy (Denis Leary) kind of looks like David Bowie. The two of them share a bottle of tequila, but no between-the-sheets action just yet.

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