What do Leah Pipes and a Carl's Jr. teriyaki burger have in common?

Only Carl's has a chunk of seared pineapple wedged between its buns, so that's not it, but both did enjoy the mouth ministrations of bikini-friendly Audrina Patridge.

After the burger's recent beachside mastication session, Leah gets sloppy seconds in the upcoming summer romp Sorority Row. And if that sounds like a movie filled with sexy, stuck-up college babes who do things like make out with each other while killing and being killed, you're right.

Which—compared with a seasonal batch of films including a comedian dying of a rare blood disorder, a Bruckheimer effort about angry guinea pigs and yet another trip to the Harry Potter well—earns S.R. a big Soup-soaked thumbs-up.

Though Audrina was right. More tongue would have been nice.


If you're looking for more action, there's always plenty to be found in the Soup Blog video gallery.

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