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The battle for custody of Michael Jackson's kids turned out to be something of a win-win for Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

Today we may find out whether the battle for control of his estate is equally as people-pleasing.

A hearing covering both matters—the first more or less a formality, the second a long-delayed necessity—is scheduled to take place at 8:30 a.m.

After weeks of delays, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff is set to sign off on the custody deal reached last week and hear arguments from both Mama Jackson and the two attorneys named in the King of Pop's will, over who should have the final word over Jackson's finances.

Jackson and Rowe, along with a smattering of Jackson siblings, are expected to turn up for the proceedings and, barring any unforeseen third-party interjections, will walk away with permanent guardianship and visitation rights, respectively.

But that's not all that could potentially be decided at today's hearing.

Here's what is also on the docket:

• Approval of the Jackson-Rowe custody deal. Per last week's agreement, which has everything but the court's seal of approval, Katherine Jackson will maintain custody of the Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket. Rowe will get visitation with Paris and Prince Michael and the kids will receive any psychological assistance they need to deal with their birth mother reentering their life.

• Attorneys John Branca and John McClain, the special administrators of Jackson's estate, have requested monthly allowances, to be deducted from estate funds, for Katherine Jackson and Jackon's children. Jackson supported his mother and children when he was alive. Neither side is disputing the necessity of the payments, and the judge is expecting to approve their distribution today.

• Authority of Jackson's estate, aka the big unknown. Katherine Jackson has previously tested the waters on whether she could legally challenge Branca and McClain's special administrator status without challenging the whole of her son's will, which she would be wise not to do as it not only provided for her financially, but paved the way for her to take sole custody of her grandchildren. Katherine's attorneys have already floated the term "conflict of interest" in connection to the attorneys, and claimed in the past that some of Jackson's records have not been made available to them.

• Deals. Branca and McClain are seeking to broker deals which would flush new money into the often cash-strapped estate. One such deal to rerelease Jackson's autobiography Moonwalk has already been signed off on and the attorneys make seek the judge's permission before proceeding on other negotiations.

• AEG contracts. The concert promoter, which was behind Jackson's would-be 50-show London run, filed several documents with the court on Friday and is requesting to be named as an intervener in all contract matters. It's unclear if attorneys for the entertainment company will be in court today. But knowing this group, anything is possible.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz


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