Actor Douglas Vermeeren Hits the Mark With How to Be a Hitman 101 & More Projects

Vermeeren has pursued a multi-faceted career as an actor, producer and stuntman.

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Throughout his entire life, Douglas Vermeeren has been fascinated with the entertainment industry, particularly acting and film creation. Vermeeren has pursued a multi-faceted career as an actor, producer and stuntman. Acting is Doug's greatest passion and his love for it began at an early age as he made his first television appearance whilst still in elementary school. His passion for film and television would eventually lead him to venture into the world of stunt work, where he took on various roles in film and TV doing stunts for both his own and others' roles.

Douglas continued to enhance his skills in all aspects of the film industry, with his sights mostly set on developing himself as an actor. With four documentaries to his name and a featured role in almost 50 productions across multiple genres, Vermeeren's success is a testament to his talent, dedication and versatility.

Action movies have long been a popular genre for film lovers, offering thrilling and explosive entertainment that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. How to Be a Hitman 101 is an upcoming action film in which Doug stars as Samuel Finch, professional hitman. The movie is still action-packed with precisely choreographed scenes, but Vermeeren's role is more than your typical "bad guy". How to Be a Hitman 101 takes a deeper dive into the humanistics of a hitman. It elaborates on the everyday life of Samuel Finch and highlights not only the differences, but the similarities that a hitman shares with your average Joe.

Many have commented on Vermeeren's "Bond-esque" style of acting and appearance in regards to his past roles, and this film only serves as another example of that. Samuel Finch is a suave and confident hitman who manages to be charismatic and likable while carrying out one of the darkest jobs that a man can do. The movie does a fantastic job of shining the spotlight on a very nuanced and complex character who is more than just a ruthless killer. Samuel Finch will certainly be remembered as a compelling figure who grapples with a myriad of personal struggles and desires, while also navigating the violent world of organized crime that he has come to know. How to Be a Hitman 101 really takes a deep dive into the psychological and emotional toll that this profession can take on a real person.

There has been controversy surrounding How to Be a Hitman 101, with some parents commenting that the film is marketed towards children. These parents are concerned that the movie glorifies a violent crime and the lifestyle that Samuel Finch leads, and that this could desensitize them to the real-world consequences of violence. Action fans on the other hand, are champing at the bit for this new take on the life of a hitman.

Producers from the movie spent a long time hunting for an actor who could properly play the role of Samuel Finch. After the long search, the production team struck proverbial gold when they found Doug. Early reviewers of the film have had great things to say about Vermeeren's ability to take up a role that is traditionally played as a cold, calculated killer, and use subtlety and nuance to create a multidimensional character who viewers even come to empathize with. The overwhelming feedback in regards to Doug's performance has even landed him nominations for acting awards at multiple festivals.

Douglas is known for playing police officers, spies and detectives, so the hitman approach was nothing new. Critics and early reviewers are excited for How to Be a Hitman 101 because it is a breath of fresh air that shows that there is still room for innovation and creativity in film, even when it comes to classic movie tropes like hitmen and criminals.

Although Vermeeren has been hard at work on the set of How to Be a Hitman 101, he has multiple other projects in the works. From a World War II movie called Paradox, to a horror movie dubbed Tennis, to Big Cats, a new film directed by Chris Sanders, Doug is setting out to show the world his range as an actor and ability to fill a role on any set. His dedication to his craft is evident in his approach to each project, as he puts in the time and effort to truly embody his characters.

Despite a busy schedule, Douglas remains committed to delivering his best work in each and every project that he takes on. His fans are waiting in anticipation to see his new projects, and where his career takes him.

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