Why Florence Pugh Is So Done Discussing Don't Worry Darling Drama

Florence Pugh isn't interested in getting into the “nitty-gritty" of the Don't Worry Darling drama, which featured rumors that she and director Olivia Wilde didn’t get along.

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Florence Pugh isn't worried about past drama.

The actress recently got candid about why she isn't interested in talking about the controversy fueled by the Don't Worry Darling press tour. 

"Ideally I don't really want to be going down the Don't Worry Darling conversation because this whole release for The Wonder has been so positive," Florence explained to Vanity Fair in an interview for its annual Hollywood issue published Feb. 15. "And I've been really excited to talk about that. I don't really feel the need to go into the nitty-gritty details of Don't Worry Darling. So if it's okay, I'll probably just let that one sit."

Rumors of a feud between Florence and director Olivia Wilde first made headlines in July 2022 after a viral TikTok noted that the Little Woman star had done little promotion for the film on social media.

This was further fueled by Florence largely being absent from the press tour in the months leading up to the film's September release as well as a report of an on-set "screaming match" between Olivia and Florence during filming. (However, 40 crew members released a statement denying the on-set dispute occurred.) 

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Florence did join Olivia and her co-stars—including Harry Styles and Chris Pine—on the red carpet for its Venice Film Festival world premiere.

And Olivia even addressed the rumors of tension during the festival.

"As for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, I mean, the internet feeds itself," the House alum explained during a Sept. 5 press conference for the film. "I don't feel the need to contribute. I think it's sufficiently well-nourished."

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While Florence herself kept mum about the speculation, comments from the Midsommar's glam team that same day raised eyebrows.

Sharing photos of Florence from the premiere on Instagram, stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray captioned the post, "Miss Flo," the same nickname the Booksmart director used for Florence in a leaked video Olivia had allegedly sent to Shia LaBoeuf, who was originally set to star in Don't Worry Darling.

But despite the drama, Olivia kept her eyes on the prize, with an insider telling E! News how she was handling rumors.

"There's many different sides to each mini drama," the source said in Sept. 2022. "Olivia is trying to steer the focus onto the film and not feed into it."

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