Lindsay Lohan Reveals How Moving to Dubai Has Changed Her Sense of Style

By Brett Malec, Brody Brown Feb 14, 2023 4:58 PMTags
Watch: Lindsay Lohan Returns to NYFW at Christian Siriano Runway Show

Fashion Week is so fetch thanks to Lindsay Lohan.

The actress was front and center at Christian Siriano's Fall 2023 NYFW show on Feb. 9, where she watched her sister Ali Lohan, 29, and brother Cody Lohan, 26, walk the runway. And as she and the designer exclusively told E! News, the event was totally grool.

"It's so amazing, it's beautiful," Lindsay, who flew in from Dubai to support her siblings, shared. "I feel like such a proud big sister of, like, videoing them. You almost get butterflies for them."

The Project Runway alum added, "I was so excited and oh my god, they were so amazing. I was like, 'We are doing this.'"

And there was no way Lindsay—wearing a gorgeous copper top and matching pants for the occasion—would miss her siblings' Siriano debut, even though she now lives in the United Arab Emirates with husband Bader Shammas. "We're really close," the 36-year-old said. "They're very important to me. They're amazing people and I just love being there for them."

And Christian was bursting at the seams seeing the Lohans sport his clothes.

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"They were just so professional and elegant and beautiful and that's always really so nice to see," Christian told E!. "You never know when you book somebody that you've never worked with before, and that was really great and that made my job easy to make them look beautiful."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Christian Siriano

Plus, as Lindsay chimed in, "They're fans of yours too, which helps."

Not to mention, he had one of his favorite stars cheering him on from the front row. "I get to dress and work with so many talented, amazing actresses and I've been such a fan of Lindsay for so long, so it's so nice that she could finally come," he said. "She does live very far away, so it's a long flight but we got her here, which is great!"

Lindsay replied, "It's really amazing to be able to support Christian and to be with you and collaborative with you."

So would the two ever collaborate on a future fashion line? "That would be fun," Christian admitted. "Any time! Come help me. I need it."

It's an idea Lindsay is absolutely pleased to hear about. After all, Christian's clothes make her feel "confident and sexy," she said, "but also beautiful and I'm not overexposing myself, so I feel modestly sexy."

Which fits her new sense of style now that she lives in Dubai. "It's a little bit more conservative sometimes," she shared of how the Middle East has influenced her wardrobe. "The weather's different there, it's hot longer year-round, so sometimes less is more. It depends on wherever you are in traveling. Fashion is always fashion."

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But, as she noted, "Whenever I comes to New York, I dress more—it's always about comfort really."

While Lindsay's husband Bader, who she wed last summer, wasn't by her side for the event, she did shed insight into his own sense of style. "He's into his own designers, but I can't get him to a fashion show," she said with a laugh. "He's not huge on cameras."

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

In addition to her nuptials, 2022 was one for the books for Lindsay as she made her big return to acting in the Netflix rom-com Falling for Christmas. As for how the Mean Girls star feels about her new era?

"It feels good," she mused. "I feel blessed and I'm just living in gratitude and having a lot of fun. I'm glad to be working again, and doing films that people love, and I just want to continue."

And now that's she's back in the acting game, the native New Yorker is considering a move back to the Big Apple. "In the future, yeah, maybe," she admitted, "but I'll keep my place in Dubai! My husband and I like it there."

While fans wait for Lindsay's next big acting role, Christian teased what's next for him after his fall 2023 show and a very busy award season: "I just want to take a break! But we still have the Oscars, we've got the SAGs, I mean God."

Up-and-coming designers could definitely learn a thing or two from Christian's strong work ethic. "My only advice is to literally take as much risks as possible, because that's always actually in the end what is the biggest kind of reward," he told E!. "I think risk to reward is very important. You have to just push it."

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