"Appalled" Kristin Cavallari Apologizes to Ex Stephen Colletti for Cheating on Him

Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari apologized to Stephen Colletti on the Jan. 24 episode of their Back to the Beach podcast after realizing she was unfaithful to her co-star.

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Things get real in the real OC when you come clean. 

More than 16 years after Laguna Beach aired its final episode on MTV, some of the show's biggest stars continue to have tough conversations about what really went down in high school.

During the Jan. 24 episode of the Back to the Beach podcast, Kristin Cavallari apologized to Stephen Colletti for being unfaithful during their relationship.

"I'm appalled of the stuff that I did, honestly," Kristin shared with her co-host, according to Entertainment Tonight. "It actually is painful for me to hear. It's painful for me to watch and I really do apologize. You were always such a really good guy. You still are. But the fact that I took advantage of that is heartbreaking. So I am sorry."

While Kristin and Stephen have remained friends since their split in the mid-aughts—and have co-hosted the Dear Media podcast together since July 2022—their relationship on the small screen wasn't always the smoothest.

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After re-watching season two of the show, Stephen tried to get answers as to whether or not Kristin cheated on him with co-star Talan Torriero.


"I don't remember cheating on you," Kristin said. "I know that we had talked about maybe I did with Talan. I don't remember me actually cheating on you."

But when Stephen noted that there were "a couple of instances" where he questioned his girlfriend's loyalty, Kristin was reminded of her former Salt Creek Grille co-worker. 

"I kissed [redacted] from Salt Creek Grille," she admitted, with the podcast bleeping out the name of her former colleague. "I'll give you that."

Stephen proceeded to share a memory of attending a Los Angeles Lakers game and getting "really drunk." After passing out in his car, he woke up at a surprise location. "We were outside of [redacted's] house," he said. "I walked down into the party and you guys were hooking up. We got into a big fight."

Kristin replied, "I was a horrible human being!"

Now, there's just one question left: Where were the MTV cameras then?!

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