Shrinking's Brett Goldstein Reveals How He Got Harrison Ford to Sign Up for the New Comedy

Harrison Ford and Jessica Williams tell E! News all about starring in Brett Goldstein and Jason Segel's new Apple TV+ comedy, Shrinking.

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When Brett Goldstein and Jason Segel teamed up with Bill Lawrence to create their new comedy Shrinking, they didn't realize Harrison Ford was going to be so ready for therapy.

"I went to meet Harrison Ford and he said yes so quickly that I then called Bill and was like, 'Something's wrong in the time-space continuum, Harrison Ford wants to do it and he really loved it,'" Goldstein told E! News' Francesca Amiker at the Apple TV+ series' premiere on Jan. 26. "I hate to say it as someone who did it, but he really loved the script. I also think he wanted to do a comedy, and as you've seen in the show, he's f--king funny and he never had that chance."

In the series, Ford and Jessica Williams play colleagues of Segel's therapist character who decides to start being truly honest with their patients, regardless of the ethical barriers.

And for Williams, who had already signed on for the series—which also stars Michael Urie, Luke Tennie, Lukita Maxwell and Christa Miller—Ford's addition was nothing short of thrilling.

"I was really excited," she said. "I signed on initially early on, and then I found out a couple days later that Harrison Ford was gonna be on it and I think I just did a little dance."

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But despite being a massive star on the set, How I Met Your Mother alum Segal explained that Ford had a very practical approach to his work on the series.

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"Man, that guy shows up like a craftsman," he shared. "He said to me at one point, 'I treat this job like I've been hired to build a house, and all I want when we're done is that the people who hired me love the house.'"

For his part, Ford told E! News he signed on for the show, in part, due to co-star Segel. "I was really impressed by the full range of his work," the 1923 actor admitted. "I mean, he's done a lot of really interesting things."

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And the Star Wars alum wasn't the only one to sing Segel's praises. Goldstein also explained why he loves working with his co-creator, saying, "Jason is such a sensitive, emotionally intelligent man. He's very easy and lovely to work with."

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