Where Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Stand on Having Another Baby

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev revealed if they've talked about baby No. 2, plus hear the funny story of how their 2-year-old son Matteo caused a little "drama" during their August 2022 wedding.

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Is another Bella baby in the works?

Now that Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's son Matteo is about to turn two and a half, the newlyweds are revealing if they've talked about having a second child.

"We have," Nikki exclusively told E! News ahead of their E! wedding special Nikki Bella Says I Do. "Artem would love to have two kids and I would too, but the thought of being pregnant and doing all of that again and the baby stage—two changes your life."

And the former WWE star can look at her twin Brie Bella—who shares daughter Birdie, 5, and son Buddy, 2, with husband Daniel Bryan—for just how much of a shift life with two kids is.

"We're in such an incredible flow with Matteo and how he travels with us and our routine and it's such a blessing," Nikki continued, "but looking at my sister's life, how much it's changed having two. She's like, 'Oh yeah girl, it's different when you have two.'"

"So we're discussing it," the former WWE star added, "I'm kind of like one and done. I'm happy with that, but we'll see."

She joked that it would be so much easier is Artem could carry the baby, to which the Dancing With the Stars pro excitedly replied, "I would! Let's figure it out."

Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev's Cutest Pics

The duo also shared a sweet story about they planned to incorporate Matteo into their August 2022 wedding ceremony in Paris.


"He was a ring bearer," Nikki shared. "Me and Artem are obsessed with The Nutcracker and the story and the music, so Matteo was coming down the aisle to The Nutcracker."

However, she revealed, "Matteo never made it down the aisle. You will have to see that in the season finale. A lot of drama happened around that. I just had this beautiful dream that my son would waltz down the aisle like his daddy in The Nutcracker and that did not happen. That was a lot of expectation for a 2-year-old."

But the couple added that one of their favorite moments from the nuptials was cuddling with Matteo in bed the next morning.

"That the best," Artem shared before Nikki echoed, "That was really cute."

See every moment from Nikki and Artem's wedding planning and ceremony when Nikki Bella Says I Do premieres Thursday, Jan. 26, at 9 p.m. on E!.

Scroll down to relive all of Matteo's cutest pics.

A Snowy Thanksgiving

Nikki commemorated the family's 2022 Thanksgiving trip to Lake Tahoe by posting several pics of Matteo playing in the snow and at an arcade on Instagram.

Funny Faces

Artem and Matteo showed off their best duck lips pose with this fun selfie.

A Delicious Mess

"Someone had a lot of fun baking with Mama yesterday lol," Nikki captioned this hilarious pic, adding, "It was a very chocolatey Sunday!"

Bonjour, Paris!

Nikki snapped a pic with Matteo in front of the Eiffel Tower during her and Artem's Paris wedding trip in August.

Birthday Pool Day

The family of three celebrated Matteo's second birthday a day early at the pool on July 30.

Summer Getaway

Matteo enjoys a Fourth of July vacation with his parents at the lake.

Podcast Playtime

Matteo visits Nikki's work in July 2022.

Mother's Day 2022

Artem honored Nikki in May 2022 with a collage of cute photos, writing, "Happy Mother's Day love, you are honestly the best momma in the whole entire world , your love your patience your care and thoughtfulness have no limits. Matteo and I are so so lucky to have you."

Breakfast Boys

"We are messy and we love it," Artem shared in March 2022.

Funny Family Photos

"Our attempt for a family photo," Nikki captioned this hilarious pic. "Matteo does not like the phone at all!"

Tour Surprise

Nikki and Matteo surprised Artem (aka Dada) during a stop on the 2022 DWTS Live Tour in March.

Happy Holidays

"Matteo didn't dig Santa this year but I think next year he will," Nikki captioned a 2021 Christmas Day post. "He did love the train he brought him!"

Happy Thanksgiving

"Happy Thanksgiving from Chigvintsev's family," Artem captioned this Instagram pic in honor of Turkey Day.

Matteo Turns 1

"Happy first birthday Matteo," Artem captioned this sweet Instagram post in July 2021. "Mama and Dada loves you so so much."

Checking Out Chickens

In this June 2021 snap, Artem and Matteo took a closer look at some chickens.

Nature Boys

The father and son duo enjoy a nature outing.

Cute Coop

Artem and Matteo checked out a chicken coop during an outdoor outing.

Reaching Out

Watch out for pecks, Matteo!

Dad's Twin

For Matteo's 10-month milestone, Artem wrote, "I can't believe Teo is 10 month today , time flies I wish I can slow it down and enjoy every second of it it's so so precious @thenikkibella you've have been a super mom. I love you #nevergrowup #son #family"

Family Fun

Artem, Nikki and Matteo were all smiles in this family outing pic.

Back Together

Artem wrote, "Dada's back."

Blond Boy

Matteo looked like a literal hair model in this picture from May 2021.

Silly Matteo

Nikki smiled as her son Matteo pulled a silly face in a new photo from Instagram.

Bed Head

Little Matteo had total bed head in this pic with dad Artem.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Matteo enjoyed some sweet potatoes in this May 2021 image.

Messy Mouth

Matteo clearly enjoyed those sweet potatoes.

Standing Tall

Alongside a photo series, Nikki wrote, "Best 10 months of my life so far. These are from the last two days. Can't believe our baby is going to be 1 in two months!!!"

Nikki & Her Baby Boy

Nikki wrote alongside this May selfie, "Baby boy and me."

Nikki's Cool Kid

"I wish I was as cool as him," the Total Bellas star remarked.

Growing Up Quickly

"My love @theartemc sent me this yesterday! My heart melted," Nikki wrote in May 2021. "Our Teo is growing up so fast! A, you have been such an incredible Dada this past week as Mama has been off working. The best Daddy and fiancé! I just love you so much! And love my Matteo so much! Excited to get back to my boys!"

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