Motivational Speaker Jen Gottlieb Is Inspiring Millions Worldwide

Former VH1 host and Broadway actress, Jen Gottlieb, has gone on to become a world renowned motivational speaker, content creator, and thought leader.

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Former VH1 host and Broadway actress Jen Gottlieb has gone on to become a world renowned motivational speaker, content creator, and thought leader. She is also the co-founder of Super Connector Media, an award-winning online education, events, and training company that teaches business owners how to build profitable brands. Through her company, Jen mentors and empowers entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.

Jen is also a renowned mindset coach and industry leader helping millions face and overcome their fears and lead them to success. She was recently listed as one of the "Top 50 Speakers in The World" by Real Leaders magazine and has spoken alongside celebrities and other top thought-leaders.

Jen has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Shape, Women's Health, Well + Good, CBS, Good Morning America, PBS, and many of the top podcasts in the world. She was named one of the Top 11 Coaches by Goop, one of the Top Entrepreneurs of 2022 by Maxim, and one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America by INC 5000 for her company, Super Connector Media.

Her assertive and exciting personality makes her a dynamic and uplifting speaker who easily interacts with any audience. This is evident in her unmatched ability to hold sold-out events, online courses, and mentorship programs throughout her years as an entrepreneur.

Jen's passion is helping entrepreneurs gain the confidence and skills needed to propel them to the top of their industry. Whether that's getting in the mainstream media or on the stage of a significant event, Jen's teachings and trainings give them the authority needed to skyrocket their careers. According to her, "confidence comes from consistently sticking to the commitments you make to yourself." This lifts up your confidence, helping uncover your full potential. To Jen, success is all about getting out of your comfort zone.


One of the concepts Jen is best known for is the acronym CIA. Through her experience, she has found that the most successful entrepreneurs have Credibility, Influence, and Authority as three of the top attributes driving their success.

Her highly anticipated first book, published by Hay House, comes out in October of 2023. She believes that everyone is born with unique potential, and she believes that her debut book will remind and teach everyone how they can tap into this.

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