Idina Menzel Reflects on IVF Journey and Fertility Struggle

Idina Menzel recently reflected on her experience with in-vitro fertilization, which is documented in her upcoming Disney+ documentary, Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?.

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Idina Menzel is shining the spotlight on past fertility issues. 

The Frozen actress recently got candid about her experience with in-vitro fertilization in 2018, explaining why it was important for her to share her and husband Aaron Lohr's journey with fans in her upcoming documentary Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?

"Maybe before meeting me, Aaron didn't think he wanted to have kids, and then he sees how good of a dad he can be, so I wanted that for him," Idina told People Dec. 6."I didn't think I wanted to have a baby, but then Aaron has been the most amazing man to my son."

The Wicked alum—who shares son Walker, 13 with her ex-husband, Taye Diggs,—explained that while she underwent fertility treatments during her 2018 national tour, another child ultimately wasn't in the cards for her.

The documentary gives viewers an intimate look at the 51-year-old's IVF experience, including doctor appointments and the toll it took on her body.

"I'm literally going through stuff that I'm shooting into my body and I don't know how that's going to affect my voice," Idina said in the trailer. "And it may force me to make extra trips to get back and forth to the doctor in addition to making trips to get home to my family. And all of that isn't great on your body when you're trying to have a baby."

However, despite it not working out, the Enchanted actress—who wed the D2: The Mighty Ducks actor in 2017—has no regrets for trying.

"Aaron feels really loved that I even tried and put my body through that," Idina explained to People. "I think going through all that, you're so exhausted by it that finally, it becomes apparent, like, ‘I don't want to do this anymore, and it just wasn't meant to be,' and you're resolved in that." 

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As she put it, "I have this amazing son, and I was fortunate enough to have him. And the pregnancy was pretty easy and I conceived easily, and there's a lot of people that don't even get to have that."

And as Idina noted, it was important for her that she share this experience with fans.

"No matter what the outcome, I just wanted women to feel seen in this film and people to understand what we go through," she added. "It was important to me to forgo the privacy of that and allow people to have a little window into that experience."

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