Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl Claims Nick Thompson Is Blaming Her for Demise of Marriage

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl shared more insight into her divorce from Nick Thompson. See what she's trying to clear up now.

By Mike Vulpo, Meriam Bouarrouj Nov 01, 2022 6:52 PMTags
Watch: Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl Files for Divorce From Nick Thompson

Love may be blind, but it also can be a battlefield. 

Less than three months after Love Is Blind's Danielle Ruhl filed for divorce from Nick Thompson, the pair has tried to explain what went wrong in their marriage. But it appears these Netflix stars are more estranged than ever before.

"There has been no accountability from his side," Danielle shared with E! News in an exclusive interview. "I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it takes two, but unfortunately, with every interview, he is putting all of the blame on me and this isn't new. This was something he did the entire relationship."

In a chat with Us Weekly in October, Nick said he wasn't "feeling like I was getting the partnership I needed to be successful and to move forward with the relationship." He also assured followers that he did the best he possibly could in the relationship before adding, "I think it's unfortunate that you have to disparage or stay stuck in this place."

According to Danielle, she hasn't spoken to her estranged husband in person since attending Lollapalooza in July. Instead, everything has been communicated via text message.

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"I did file and he was very upset about it, even though I told him," Danielle said. "He didn't respond to that. And now, he's still trying to punish me because of the fact that I did that. Even though we're both stating the fact that we knew that it was best for us."  


Before their split, the pair participated in couple's therapy for a "pretty long period of time," Danielle said. But after several sessions, she claimed Nick didn't want to participate anymore.

"We actually stopped that, but there was a long period of time in which we weren't having issues," she told E! News. "Everything was his decision. No matter how much I had an opinion or an input in things, it was never taken into consideration."

After learning of Danielle's claims, Nick responded to E! News saying it's "disappointing" to hear his ex make "false claims and defamatory comments about me and our relationship." 


"As I have stated before, I implemented a boundary to not engage in communication with Danielle for my own mental health because I did not feel like our communication was trustworthy or yielding positive outcomes," he said. "In good conscience, I will not share private matters or my experience in our relationship publicly because it's not in my character to disparage people. I am and have been ready to stop living in the past and move forward."

Fans first watched Nick and Danielle tie the knot during the season two finale of Love Is Blind, which was filmed in 2021 but aired in February of this year. They announced their split just weeks before After the Altar debuted in mid-September. 

With a brand-new season of Love Is Blind currently streaming, both Nick and Danielle say they want the freedom to look towards the future and put this relationship in the past.   

"I just want to move forward," she said. "I don't think we'll be in each other's lives in the future. I just want to be free of that."

Nick added, "I am not interested in a back-and-forth, he said she said. I am ready to put this behind me. I hope Danielle and the entire cast are ready as well."

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