Lindsay Lohan Reveals Her Genius Trick for Tolerating Painful Skincare Treatments

Beauty is pain, but not for Lindsay Lohan. The actress shared her love for the Morpheus8 facial laser and how she combats the pain associated with the cosmetic treatment.

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These are the beauty confessions of a teenage drama queen, err, Lindsay Lohan.

The Mean Girls star recently opened up about her skincare routine, revealing that she's a fan of non-invasive treatments.

"I'm big on nonintrusive facial experiences," she said in the November cover story for Cosmopolitanpublished Oct. 31. "I love lasers. I just started Morpheus8, which I'm obsessed with."

While the cosmetic procedure is not for the faint of heart, Lindsay offered a genius hack for minimizing the pain associated with it.

"Here's the trick," she explained. "You have to ask them to give you the numbing cream ahead of time and put it on yourself at home an hour before you go."

The Freaky Friday actress' advice couldn't be more spot on.

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a board-certified plastic surgeon, exclusively spoke to E! News in August about Morpheus8 after Kim Kardashian documented her experience with the skin-tightening laser at his Beverly Hills clinic.

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According to the plastic surgeon, Kim—who described the treatment as "painful" at the time—explained that she most likely didn't have the numbing cream for long.

"If we know that somebody wants to have the most comfortable experience, I can block some of the nerves with an injection like your dentist," he said. "Or numb them for longer: 20, 30 or sometimes 35 minutes. I'm not sure how long Kim numbed for, but I don't think it was the full length of time."


He added, "It should hurt a little bit but not too much. There's a sweet spot."

As the old saying goes, "Beauty is pain." And the results, as Dr. Ashkan noted, are too good to resist.

"It's almost impossible for someone to say I saw nothing," he said. "We like to do stacked treatments because this is one of those things to do preventatively. You don't necessarily look for immediate effects, although there are some. It's really getting that collagen to repair itself in a tighter, different, more organized way than it was before when it was loose and aged."

It's safe to say Lindsay will be putting her best face forward in Netflix's new film, Falling for Christmas, available to stream on Nov. 10.


"It's always fun to work on something lighthearted and family-oriented that makes people happy and provides a bit of an escape," she told Cosmo. "I was excited to kind of come back, to do something with Netflix, who is a big family in a way. It was the right fit for me, especially to be able to executive produce it."

Although Lindsay said she's still evolving as an entertainer, she's more than ready for her close-up.

As she put it, "I'm the kind of person that now wants to do it again but ten times better."

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