Watch Toya Confront Anila About Cheating Rumors in Explosive Married to Medicine Reunion Preview

Things get heated in E! News' exclusive Married to Medicine reunion preview, as Toya Bush-Harris confronts Anila Sajja about rumors she cheated on her husband. See their showdown.

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The ladies of Married to Medicine are ready to address one of this season's biggest hot topics.

False rumors claiming Toya Bush-Harris cheated on her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, spread amongst the friend group throughout season nine and were only further perpetuated by Anila Sajja and her friend Zaina at Quad Webb's Christmas party. Now, Toya is ready to confront her co-star about the drama in E! News' exclusive sneak peek at part two of Married to Medicine's reunion.

Anila begins by clarifying she didn't know Zaina was attending the party until she asked for a ride, and is also unsure whether Quad invited Zaina to the party to spread the rumor about Toya.

"There was no malice intent on my end to bring anything up," Anila tells Toya, but points out that others are guilty of talking about the rumor behind her back, too.

"I apologize if you think that I started anything," she adds, "'cause I didn't originate the rumor."

Regardless, Toya still considers Anila responsible for spreading lies and "trying to tear apart my whole damn family."

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After Anila states she never believed that she would cheat on her husband, Toya says, "That's even worse that you don't believe something," to which host Andy Cohen adds, "And you still say it."

Toya notes that if her relationship with Eugene wasn't as strong as it currently is, a false rumor like that could have ended her marriage, and that's not something she takes lightly.

Looking to clear the air, Anila apologizes for discussing the rumor at the Christmas party and with other cast members. But the hurt it caused Toya is something she says Anila "doesn't understand."

Wrapping up the conversation, Andy states, "I think I'm gonna leave it there," much to the whole cast's relief.

Part two of the Married to Medicine season nine reunion airs Sunday, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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