Stanley Tucci's Exquisite Martini Recipe Will Make You Want to Raise a Glass

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Stanley Tucci shared the secret to creating his specialty drink: The Martini. You get the glass and we’ll provide the mouth-watering recipe.

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These drinks are on Stanley Tucci.

Whether the Searching for Italy star is offering mouth-watering recipes or showcasing his mixology skills, there's no denying he's become the internet's favorite foodie. Now, the Devil Wears Prada actor is sharing more insight into how he creates the perfect martini—one of his specialties.

"To me," Tucci exclusively told E! News, "you take a touch of vermouth, stir it into the ice, let the ice get infused with it and then put your gin in."

The key to his cocktail recipe, he revealed, is to stir—not shake—the martinis. Another preference is Tucci's gin of choice: Tanqueray No. 10.

"Tanqueray has a lot of citrus in it," he explained of the English brand, who he partnered with for its Make it a Martini Night campaign. "You can do lemon. You can do olives. You can do cucumber. It's an incredibly diverse gin."

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While the 61-year-old has perfected his recipe, he doesn't mind shaking it up if others prefer their martinis to be made differently.

"A lot of people know that I like to make martinis," he said. "I went to a birthday party and the woman's parents said, 'Can you make me one?' And then six people came up and were like 'Can I have one, too?' I spent the first 40 minutes making martinis—and it wasn't my party!"

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But acting as a mixologist isn't anything new for the cookbook author, who recalled working as a bartender when he was 18. 

"I was in New York City and it was life-changing for me," Tucci reminisced. "I learned a great deal from some great bartenders. It was a really wonderful experience to see the workings behind the bar to the workings of a restaurant."

Put simply, he said, "I loved it. From that moment, I knew that I always wanted to have something to do with cocktails."


He isn't just a master at mixing together alcoholic beverages either. He's fined-tuned the dos and don'ts of entertaining as well, revealing that there's power in simplicity.

"Tables should be set before people arrive," he suggested. "The timing of the meal has to be right."

However, he's still working out the kinks when it comes to timing.

"That's the one thing I'm very bad at," he admitted. "I always end up talking. I've set up my house so that I can cook and talk at the same time, but it was a big mistake because everything takes a lot longer."

Having a helpful partner, like his wife Felicity Blunt, can make all the difference. "My wife," he added, "is much better at timing things."

We'll toast to that!

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