The Great British Bake Off Faces Backlash Over Its Mexican Week Episode

Many viewers are outraged about the Mexican-themed episode of The Great British Bake Off, which some calling it racist.

By Corinne Heller Oct 09, 2022 4:02 PMTags
Watch: The Great British Bake Off Faces Backlash Over Mexican Week Episode

Many viewers of The Great British Bake Off didn't find its "Mexican Week" so great.

Scores of people on social media have criticized the episode, which was released in both the U.K. and the U.S. in recent days, for alleged cultural appropriation. They cited its use of visual stereotypes, such as co-hosts Matt Lucas and Noah Fielding wearing sarapes and sombreros in the very first scene, and puns—noting the pair's discussion about making "Mexican jokes" to risk offending people—"not even juan."

One user tweeted, "16 seconds into the Mexican Week ep of #GBBO and I'm already offended."

Another viewer wrote, "I just want yall to understand *how* f--king racist this is," in response to a clip of Lucas shaking maracas on the episode.

Viewers also criticized stars' mispronunciations of names of dishes such as "guacamole," "besos" and "pico de gallo" and how co-judge Prue Leith comments that cakes look Mexican because they have "bright colors."

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Some people even criticized the show's social media promo for the episode, which featured photos of the opening scene and the caption, "The juan and only Matt & Noel welcome you to Mexico Week!"

One user responded, "I had a moment where I wanted to watch this episode just to see how bad it was. That moment has passed. I'm so incensed that they don't realize how vile and racist this crap is. #GBBO."

E! News has reached out to production company Love Productions and Netflix, which streams the show, for comment and has not heard back.

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Others appeared mostly offended by an apparent vegetable faux pas seen in the episode. "This lady is peeling her avocado like it's a potato," one person tweeted. "This show is off the rails. #GBBO"

Another user wrote, "There was a lady peeling an avocado on #GBBO this week & I've never seen more proof that we're steadily declining towards the end of humanity. #guackimolo"

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