Go Inside Emma Chamberlain's Los Angeles Home Featuring Her "Dream" Dressing Room

Emma Chamberlain gave a glimpse into her lavish Los Angeles home in a recent tour with Architectural Digest.

By Daisy Maldonado Sep 28, 2022 8:58 PMTags
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We'd give anything to make our iced lattes in this kitchen. 

Social media star Emma Chamberlain gave fans a highly-anticipated tour of her Los Angeles home in a new video—and it's just as dreamy as you think it'd be. 

"I feel like my style with clothing and home is very much taking a mixture of everything that I love from any era, and whatever, and making it all make sense together," Emma said in a Sept. 28 video for Architectural Digest. "Every room has a different feel and I love that."

The YouTuber—who is known for her relatable vlogs—has made a name for herself as the unofficial Gen Z queen. Her house is a directly correlated to that title, with a mixture of items that are relatable and high-end designer pieces that are sure to have been on her followers' Pinterest boards at one point.

Some of Emma's home decor includes a $13 cork wall tiles and an elongated $31,000 chandelier. She also has a permanent beer pong set up table and poolside stools that look like corn.   

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Emma also showed off many paintings made by her dad, who is an artist, hung up around her home.

"My dad's a rockstar and I love his stuff," she said. "It would be kind of awkward if I didn't, so I'm really glad I do like it."

One of the standout rooms in her large home includes her dressing room, which the 21-year-old noted is her "dream."

"I live alone, so I had some extra bedrooms to play with," she explained. "One thing that was kind of a dream of mine was to have a dressing room. Where I can get my hair and makeup done."

Although the lavish area might seem a bit out of character for her, she explained that she's simply making the most out of the space she had available.


"I'm kind of mortified to admit that I have this as an entire room. I'm going to be honest. It's like, 'Really Emma,'" she said. "But see if I live in this house when I'm older, and I have a child, we're getting rid of this and we're putting a kid in here."

Emma added, "I'm thinking of the future but right now it's time to be selfish."

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