The Truth About How Nicole Scherzinger Hand-Picked One Direction

Nicole Scherzinger reacted to the previously unreleased footage of One Direction being formed on the X Factor U.K. in 2010. See why she thought it was “kind of crazy.”

By Daisy Maldonado Sep 22, 2022 10:27 PMTags
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From the very beginning, Nicole Scherzinger knew the members of One Direction had that one thing.

Earlier this year, X Factor U.K shared previously unreleased footage showing exactly how the boy band was formed by judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole online. While many people had previously credited Simon as being the mastermind behind the group's pairing, the clip revealed that the Pussycat Dolls singer actually played a much larger role than people knew. 

During an appearance on Sherri, Nicole shared what her reaction was to fans finally learning the truth behind that moment, admitting the release was "kind of crazy."

"Honestly, I never thought this footage would see the light of day," the singer explained, adding with a laugh, "I thought Simon burned it."

However, she noted, "It's really cool that it came out, because what people are actually seeing is me actually putting them together, the way my mind was working."

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For Nicole, putting together members Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne was a testament of her own experience in the music industry.

"I just came out of a girl group," Nicole reflected. "I know how successful and powerful it can be to be a group. We've gotta join forces."

"And it's amazing to think we didn't have anything at that time. So, I'm super proud that I got to play a small part or a big part–" she continued before host Sherri Shepherd chimed in to insist Nicole "played a big part!"

"Simon Cowell," Sherri added, "you oughtta be ashamed of yourself!"

Having seen the group starting from scratch, Nicole said watching One Direction rise to popularity was special.

"When it happened and they started to be really successful," she said, "I couldn't believe it."

The story of One Direction's life could have been a lot differently had it not been for Nicole, and it seems she couldn't be prouder for the boys success. 


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