Whitney Port Shares Glimpse at Fertility Journey 8 Months After Pregnancy Loss

Whitney Port shared in an interview with E! News where she stands on trying for another baby with husband Tim Rosenman.

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Whitney Port hopes she'll expand her family soon.

Eight months ago, the Hills alum shared that she suffered a pregnancy loss, two weeks after she told fans she was expecting again with husband Tim Rosenman. The same week of her miscarriage, her sister Jade gave birth to Whitney's nephew, Tate Jeffrey Robbins.

Having spent lots of time with Tate, Whitney told E! News that her nephew has made her want to have another little one around the house.

"It's honestly been so nice," she said on Aug. 23 of Tate and her son Sonny hanging out. "It gave me a feel for what two would possibly look like, which is a lot, but at the same time, it felt like so much love."

Speaking from the red carpet for The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure, Whitney described how the kids' interactions make her feel warm: "Babies are like that, they just bring you back right like it makes me want Sonny to be a little nugget again."


Whitney Port Shares She Experienced Pregnancy Loss

She added, "I feel like we definitely want a second kid. We don't know when, or if, that will happen." Whitney shared that she and Tim are currently trying for another and said that it will "hopefully" happen for them soon.

The With Whit host explained, "Obviously, it would have been ideal if it happened earlier, but what can you do?"

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Since experiencing her pregnancy loss, Whitney has made it a point to be open about her pregnancy journey with her fans and said she's trying IVF treatments.

"We're looking into lots of options," she told E! News. "It's just a long process when you're trying with all the fertility stuff."

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