Whitney Port Makes Interior Design Easy for You With Her Affordable Office Decor Picks

The Hills alum Whitney Port shares her chic Amazon home picks and her office renovation insights.

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Whitney Port Amazon Office Decor

We interviewed Whitney Port because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Whitney is a paid spokesperson for Amazon. All of the products featured are from Whitney's curated collection with Amazon. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Whitney Port has always had a chic, effortless sense of style, which also translates to interior design. The entrepreneur is in the process of renovating a home for Whitney Port Inc. Offices and she's taking us all along on the journey with the YouTube series Renovation Station With Whitney Port.

Aside from documenting the design process, Whitney is curating her own Amazon storefront with a selection of decor, furniture, and organizational pieces that she picked for her office. In an exclusive E! interview, Whitney explained, "I think that you should look at your office in the same way that you look at setting up your bedroom. You spend so much time in it and want it to make you happy. You want it to bring you joy and I feel like with Amazon that's such an approachable task."

The Hills alum elaborated, "Everyone knows that Amazon has a lot to offer, but I am excited to share how chic, amazing, and high-quality all of the products are. I really wanted this new headquarters to feel like a sanctuary, and, hopefully, I'm able to keep everything organized."

Even if you do not have an office, the items that Whitney curated work well in other spaces and with many design aesthetics. She said, "Whenever I create anything, I want you to be able to take the pieces and be able to make it your own no matter what it is. You can buy everything as a story and it can all work together. Or you can also pick and choose a few items and really make the space your own."

Whitney envisions her office as a sanctuary that's "calm, warm, and bright with some chic and beautiful pieces." If that sounds like the aesthetic you need in your life, check out Whitney's selections.

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Whitney Port's Amazon Home Picks

Creative Co-op Round Marble Decorative Tray

"I bought this really beautiful marble tray. It's a circular marble tray. It's really heavy and it has an amazing quality. This tray is beautiful. I'm either going to put it on my desk to store my pens, notepads, and office supplies, or it could go in my bathroom. I'm trying to create a beautiful space in the bathroom to get ready for photoshoots or filming my podcast."

This tray comes in two sizes.

Zeigga Lab Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

"If you are spending so much time working, put time into setting up that space. There are things that I don't think you'd expect to have in an office, but are actually so helpful in terms of boosting your mood and calming your nerves. I have an aromatherapy oil diffuser that I will put on my desk."

Segarty Desk Storage Box

"I wanted to make sure that everything worked as an organizational piece, if that makes sense. I put a lot of thought into the little things like the little office supply containers."

Isaac Jacobs Clear Acrylic Serving Tray

"I always want to make sure whenever I'm designing anything, that there's ample amounts of trays and functional pieces to keep all of your little things organized. One of my pet peeves is when little things and small trinkets don't have a home."

MoMa MUJI Double Ring Notebook- Set of 3

"I have these really beautiful three-ring notebooks that are a really pretty nude color. For my, I like to jot everything down. A computer doesn't always work for me to sort out my thoughts. I feel like having a beautiful, classic notebook is a must."


Edgewood Asymmetrical Accent Wall Mounted Irregular Oval Mirror

"I'm very much into different textures and playful colors. I have a little bit of a funky aesthetic, but I really felt like when it came to designing this house that I wanted the space to feel super creative. So, I have this really beautiful wall mounted mirror that doesn't have a frame. It's really modern, simple, and chic. I think that will probably go in our living room because the living room is also going to be this amazing communal workspace, a really comfy cozy communal workspace."

This mirror comes in two sizes.

Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Handmade Farmhouse Premium Jute Area Rug

"This is a really beautiful woven straw rug that's a very simple and goes well with my mid-century modern coffee table."

This rug comes in 30 colors in rectangular and round shapes.

Acme Furniture Luberzo Accent Chair,

"I have a cool little leather lounge chair for someone to sit on and work on their laptop.

Big Joe Milano Beanbag Chair Ivory Shag

"In my office, I'm setting up a little podcast recording area. I plan to have guests in there and I wanted to create this little lounge area for my guests. When people come to record a podcast, you never want them to feel stiff. I want them to feel comfortable opening up. I thought that beanbag chair was such a cute idea to put in that part of my office."

This chair comes in 8 colors and has 7,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Leagoo Mid Back Home Office Desk Chair

"I think people look at a desk chair as something people aren't excited about that chair, so I wanted to put effort into choosing that chairand the chairs that are on the opposite side of the desk too. I'm all about creating the space for communal working and being approachable and I want whoever comes in my office to feel like they have a place to chill and talk to me."

Nutriups Storage Glass Jar Set Food Storage Tank With Wooden Lid

"For me, I was originally I was thinking about these jars more for the kitchen because we're going to have a kitchen for everybody that works in the office. I pictured filling them with nuts and snacks. For the desk, I think these work for tiny trinkets, like safety pins, stamps, or mini rolls of tape. There are a lot of things. I think it's a cute display, yet functional at the same time. These would work in a bathroom with cotton swabs and cotton pads. I just want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable in every room of the office."

Solaround Acrylic Desk Bookcase Storage Organizers Display Narrow Book Shelf (Clear, 3 Tier)

"There's this cool magazine rack in there that I thought was great for storage. We can put books, magazines, or other little pieces on there."

Whitney Port Renovation Q&A

E!: Tell me about restoring this house to create your dream office.
WP: I'm keeping everything calm and neutral, adhering to the 1920s traditional style that the house is already in. I want to restore this house back to its original beauty and not take away from the original foundation and all the cool aspects of the house.

We wanted this to be a headquarters that stood for our whole brand, right? It's definitely unique to design a whole house with the intent that it's gonna be an office. It's a very particular type of project. Everything I've chosen from Amazon is a beautiful piece that people actually want in their home, but these are items that are great for a work environment too.

E!: What makes you want to share this whole renovation process on YouTube?
WP: Community is everything to me. That's what I'm learning more as my career as an "influencer" evolves. I think interior design can be really intimidating for people. I really wanted to help make it easier by creating this one stop shop where you can find everything. It's easy and reliable. It takes the thinking out of it.

YouTube has become such an amazing destination for community. We thought it was just a perfect partnership to be able to show this process and have everything on the series. It's very easily shoppable and I'm just so grateful to Amazon for being such an amazing partner and doing this all with me because they're just the easiest place to find everything.

E!: Tell me about curating your Amazon picks.
WP: I had all these ideas on my Pinterest Board. It's called Sunshine Paris. That has been the inspiration board for this house. I typed what I was looking for into Amazon and I found it. I did all of the legwork for you guys. I scrolled through pages and pages to find what really reflected my style. I also wanted to keep in mind what everyone else would love to have and what could fit easily into their space, so I didn't have anything too funky or too crazy in there. I like really simple and chic stuff that everyone would love.

E!: Decorating a home goes beyond decor. Do you find that decor can help you get in a productive mindset?
WP: 100%. It really does. I think that creating the environment and the atmosphere for you to be your most productive self is one of the most important things even before starting your day. I feel like it's so nice to just get your area clean and everything organized. I think that that helps clear up a part of your brain.

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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