Katie Holmes Reveals "Talented" Daughter Suri Cruise Is Making Singing Debut in Her Film

Suri Cruise is all grown up! Katie Holmes confirmed that the 16-year-old, who she shares with ex Tom Cruise, sang a cover of "Blue Moon" in the opening credits of her new movie Alone Together.

By Gabrielle Chung Jul 30, 2022 1:33 AMTags
Watch: Katie Holmes Recruits Daughter Suri to Sing in New Movie

Katie Holmes doesn't want to wait to show off her daughter Suri Cruise's musical prowess.

The Dawson's Creek alum revealed that she recruited the 16-year-old to sing a cover of "Blue Moon" in the opening credits of Alone Together, a COVID-19 pandemic-inspired romantic comedy she wrote, directed and stars in. Explaining her decision to include Suri—who she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise—in the project, Katie told Yahoo! Entertainment, "I always want the highest level of talent, so I asked her."

"She's very, very talented. She said she would do it and she recorded it, and I let her do her thing," she continued. "That's the way I direct in general: It's like, 'This is what I think we all want—go do your thing.'"

Katie added that Suri's singing will also be featured in her upcoming flick Rare Objects, which she shot last year, though "other than that, she's a 16-year-old kid doing high school."

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In a full circle moment, Katie shared that Suri also has a special connection to the classic ballad, which was famously covered by Diane Keaton in the 2014's And So It Goes. She noted, "Diane met my daughter when she was a year old."


For her part, Suri has largely stayed out of the public spotlight since entering her teenage years. In November 2020, Katie reflected on how the pandemic provided an opportunity to "live for a moment in time without the pressure of results," adding that the "natural rhythms of mother and daughter was the most precious gift."

"During this time of uncertainty, remembering to be creative and positive has been something I have tried to keep at the forefront of my mind," she wrote in an essay for Vogue Australia. "Throughout this experience the through-line for me has been a heightened awareness of each moment and really taking it in and appreciating it."

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