This Man's Lizzie McGuire-Inspired Wedding Vows Are What Dreams Are Made Of

On his wedding day, one Chicago man expressed his love for his husband at the altar with some sweet words inspired by Hilary Duff and her former Disney Channel character, Lizzie McGuire.

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This is what wedding dreams are made of.

A couple's big day was both heartwarming and hilarious when some "unexpected vows" inspired by Lizzie McGuire were shared at the altar.

In a clip which has since gone viral, Marco Braun, an antique salesman from Chicago, sweetly explained in his vows to husband Danny Chapman why the two are meant be using analogies from the beloved Disney Channel series and actress Hilary Duff, who played the titular character from 2001 to 2004.

"Growing up I always imagined I would be getting married to early 2000s teen idol and gay icon Hilary Duff, so you can understand my shock today to see you," he joked to his husband. "This week I was doing researching into Hilary Duff's famed character Lizzie McGuire in hopes to find some cute connection between you two, so at the end I could say, 'Even though Hilary Duff isn't here, I still have you.'

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However, during his information deep dive, Marco, 33, said he made a "shocking discovery."

"I am Lizzie McGuire," she sated. "Like her, I'm a bit eccentric, I wear one too many accessories, I'm constantly getting in trouble and I am a bit fearful of the world and my own path."

But the similarities didn't even there. Marco explained that in the series Lizzie always had "one constant by her side to help her find her peace and her happiness." That would be Gordo. Marco described the character, who was played by actor Adam Lamberg, as Lizzie's "slightly shorter than her, much more hairy, creative, level-headed, bad-dad-joke-making, loving, Jewish best friend.

"Spoiler alert: They end up together in the end," Marco said in the video. "My whole life, I was searching for my Lizzie McGuire, when really, I should have been searching for my Gordo."

He added, "As her iconic chart-topping single 'What Dreams Are Made Of' says, 'I've got somewhere to belong. I've got somebody to love. This is what dreams are made of,'" referencing the character's song from the 2003 Lizzie McGuire Movie.

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Hilary herself was moved by the couple's love story. The actress shared the viral video on her own Instagram Story writing, "Ughhh swoooon. Where was my invite?"

Following their April wedding, the newlyweds—who began dating five years ago and tied the knot for first time in a small ceremony last year—opened up about their viral moment.

"I've always wanted to marry Hilary Duff," Marco told People on June 24. "I was obsessed and loved her like I think most young gay men in the early 2000s... It was just an in-the-moment realization where I didn't anticipate my vows to be completely about Hilary Duff, but it just happened to be that way."


He also confirmed that Hilary reached out the grooms personally and is sending a wedding gift.

Although the theme of the vows were kept a secret before the big moment, Danny "wasn't that shocked" that his husband referenced Lizzie McGuire

"We really wanted to fill our ceremony with a lot of love and laughter, and I just love that he was able to do that with his vows and just surrounded by everyone having a good time," he said. "So, it was perfect, and it's an honor to be in the same breath as Hilary. It really captured our love and relationship in such a smart way, but also a sentimental and true way."

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