Brooke Shields Talks Fighting Ageism in Advertising and Flipping the Script Against Stereotypes

Brooke Shields embraces her age and shares her favorite products, including her go-to wine from Clos du Bois.

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Instead of accepting that alcohol advertising is typically geared toward "young adults," Brooke Shields is all about being inclusive. She wants to see her age group represented in marketing, which is why she teamed up with Clos du Bois for the wine brand's Long Live campaign.  Brooke shared, "I was amazed at how little representation there is for women between the ages 40 and 60, and even past 60. Clos du Bois approached me to change the narrative and flip that script."

Brooke said, "Women my age are embarking on the most exciting chapters of their lives. They've had children and had careers and now they're finding themselves saying 'what now?'"

Of course, Brooke enjoys the Clos du Bois Chardonnay, but the campaign has such a significant meaning to Brooke. The actress explained, "To me, this is a very vital demographic. This is an age group that can support themselves and they just want good things in their life. They really want to enjoy their lives in a bigger way with an emphasis on self-care. This is a very positive thing. It's not a selfish thing. It's an earned place to be. This maturity and vitality only comes from experience."

Brooke discussed the campaign, her favorite self-care products, and the importance of embracing your age and in a exclusive E! interview.

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E!: When a lot of people hear "self-care," they think of exercising and drinking green juice, but taking care of yourself isn't just part of that limited scope. What does "self-care" mean to you?
BS: It's OK to have this space in your mind where sometimes self-care is exercising and sometimes it's not exercising. What's 'good' for you can change from day to do. Sometimes, self-care is having a glass of your favorite wine with a friend. Other times, it's sleeping in or waking up extra early for an exercise class. Recognizing those different needs and embracing them is important.

We were so used to operating within certain confines and boundaries that we forget that self-care is something that's moving in flux. It can have to do with beauty, nutrition, or even time spent with your favorite people. There needs to be a more balanced approach instead of solely focusing on conventional aspects of exercise and wellness.

We are not one dimensional. We are feeling, living, breathing entities that need one another for support, and we need to celebrate how different we all are.

E!: It's important to recognize that you have different needs on different days and that is perfectly acceptable.
BS: That's exactly it. I'm glad that that's what you've heard because I used to only think in terms of a means to an end. "You exercise and then you fit into something you want to wear. You have free time and you can't spend it doing something frivolous, you have to be productive." Self-care looks different for everybody. I think it's different every day and we shouldn't be confined to such rigid boundaries. Sometimes it's different multiple times a day, and you have to be willing to be honest and take responsibility for how you actually both feel and want to feel.

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E!: What makes Clos du Bois different than the other wine brands out there?
BS: They definitely are a well-established, known brand. I think they're a courageous brand for being willing to take a stereotype and shed light on it and tell us why it doesn't fit. They're not trying to conform or fit into stereotypes that don't fit with us.
It was really refreshing to see an alcohol brand with campaigns and marketing that include this age group. There's more to my story than my age, or what I have done in the past. The story is what I'm about to do. I might not know what it is yet, but recognizing that is refreshing. This company has really embraced changing that narrative. 
E!: It's about time. It's 2022. 
BS: Exactly. I loved my young years, not enough to go back though. I think there's a sexiness that comes with being this age because of experience and it's more refreshing than when I was younger.
E!: Experience goes a long way. It definitely gives me more trust in a person. I know this isn't the first wine you've ever sipped, so if this is your favorite, I take that recommendation seriously. 
BS: Yes, you get it. Funny enough with Chardonnay, I had to learn more about it. I was in wine country working and it was so interesting to talk with people and learn from the experts. I also learned that so many men and women in my age group do not feel that their age is represented in alcohol advertising. It's just geared toward the young people, which makes very little sense since we have more disposable income.

Clos Du Bois Chardonnay

This medium-bodied wine is crisp with pear and apple flavors.

E!:  Are there any products that are a part of your self-care routine that you recommend?
BS: I started spending more time on my beauty routine. I didn't add in more steps, but I just took more time with the steps and I've really been enjoying that experience. I have been using True Botanicals products. Their Pure Radiance Oil just smells so good. I put the active serum on first and then I mix in some Vitamin C. These products are so beautiful and clean from a female-founded company. I just enjoy spending that time on myself and I look forward to self-care. 
E!: I think that's so nice, especially because you probably don't get to spend time with yourself very often.
BS: Sometimes, I  light a Rigaud candle and think "I've got 30 minutes. What am I gonna do?" Am I gonna do a mask? Maybe I'll get in the tub. I have realized that my world doesn't fall apart when I take time to myself and I actually feel rejuvenated.

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

Brooke says, "I'm completely hooked on this oil because it's loaded with wrinkle-fighting essential fatty acids and immediately sinks into my skin."

Lizzo has recommended this oil too.

True Botanicals Chebula Active Serum

"This is my holy grail. It's a dream for anyone like me who is trying to avoid the excessive use of injections and fillers," Brooke shared.

True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster

Brooke said, "This helped reduce the appearance of my dark spots. I mix it with Chebula Active Serum for the ultimate glowy skincare cocktail."

Rigaud Paris Candles

These scented candles are a charming delight for your senses. 

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)

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