Rosie Perez Reveals If She Had a Crush on Her White Men Can't Jump Co-Star Woody Harrelson

By Paige Strout Apr 21, 2022 10:15 PMTags

Rosie Perez and Woody Harrelson had just as much chemistry off-screen as they did on.

The actress discussed the White Men Can't Jump 30th anniversary reunion at the 2022 Oscars on E! News' Daily Pop, revealing her attraction to Harrelson during filming was unique.

"I've been with co-stars and the chemistry was just over, done, like a cheap affair," she said in an exclusive interview with host Justin Sylvester on the April 21 episode. "I guess with Woody is [it's] that we really love each other."

While playing Harrelson's girlfriend in the 1992 film, Perez admitted that she "definitely had a crush on him, but we kept it professional." She added, "Maybe that's the spark, too, that we never went there."

These days, the actress prefers to keep her romantic life with her husband, artist Eric Haze, on the private side.

"When I go to his events, I'm just the wife," she shared. "They're screaming, ‘Eric Haze! Eric Haze!' It's crazy. He was the same for me come Oscar night. It's a great partnership in that way. We don't get in each other's ways and we allow each other to shine when the moment calls for it."

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Despite being an Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress, Perez never planned on working in the entertainment industry. But, she always knew she would "contribute to the world in an important way" from a young age.

"I thought I was gonna be a scientist. I thought I was gonna be a marine biologist and help save the world from pollution and save marine life," she shared. "And then, a talent scout from Soul Train goes, ‘Do you wanna be on TV?' I'm like, ‘What?' And then Spike Lee sees me in a nightclub. We get in an argument and he asked me to audition for a movie. I said, ‘I'm not an actress.' He goes, ‘Yes you are.'"

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She continued, "And then cut to Denzel [Washington] is standing up at the Academy Awards applauding me, Woody and Wesley [Snipes], and I'm going, ‘My mind is blown!'"

Currently starring as Megan Briscoe on HBO Max dramedy The Flight Attendant, Perez teased what's to come for her character in season two.

"Megan was in hot water, and now the water is boiling over," she said. "She's on the run because she committed espionage against the United States, and all she's worried about is making up with her husband and reconnecting with her son."

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And while she is very different from her character on the hit series, she can relate to one aspect of Megan's personality: "'You mess with my loved ones, you better watch out,'" she said.

Check out the full interview in the clip above.

The first two episodes of The Flight Attendant season two are now streaming on HBO Max.

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