Samuel L. Jackson Spurns His Family In This Clip From The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Samuel L. Jackson is throwing caution (and maybe money) to the wind on Apple TV+'s The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. Check out this exclusive clip from the April 1 episode.

By Daniel Trainor Mar 31, 2022 4:00 PMTags

Unlike Samuel L. Jackson, Ptolemy Grey does not seem to put family first.

Indeed, Jackson's latest character is looking to financially support a new caretaker Robyn (Dominique Fishback), regardless of what his family thinks, in this exclusive clip from the April 1 episode of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

"Robyn came into my life when I needed someone to care for me very, very badly," Ptolemy (Jackson) tells his lawyer. "I was in bad shape, Mo. She pulled me out of a deep, deep hole. I sort of adopted her. But I trust Robyn with my life, way more than I trust my own kinfolk."

Ptolemy's lawyer questions how the family will respond to Robyn benefiting so greatly.

"I understand your feelings for this girl, but do others share your conviction, namely your family?," his lawyer asks. "What are the chances they'll contest?"

Ptolemy smiles and answers "One-hundred percent."

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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey tells the story of a 91-year-old man with dementia who confronts his past and solves the mysterious death of his great-nephew. The six-episode limited series is a passion project for Jackson, who was inspired by his own family's history with memory loss.

"My grandfather, my uncle, my aunt, my mom, there are people on my father's side who have Alzheimer's, and I watched them change, deteriorate, and become different people over the years," he told reporters during a Television Critics Association panel. "'Ptolemy' fits into the real-life chronology of my life in terms of honoring all those people in my life who had Alzheimer's."

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The series, based on the book by Walter Mosley, also stars Walton Goggins, Marsha Stephanie Blake and Omar Benson Miller

See how Ptomely's family responds when the latest episode of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey premieres April 1 on Apple TV+.

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