9 Dreamy Gifts for the Pisces in Your Life

From a colorful planner to a manifestation candle that will help them "organize their chaos," we've rounded up nine dreamy gifts for Pisces.

By Kristine Fellizar Feb 19, 2022 6:00 PMTags
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Welcome to Pisces season, everyone!

There's a lot to love about Pisces. As water signs, they're sensitive, intuitive and deeply emotional. Pisces are very creative and will often channel their feelings into art, music or anything creative. They're the type of people who can look at you for a second and immediately tell you need a hug. And Pisces give the best hugs! By nature, they're very kind and caring. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or you just need to vent your frustrations, Pisces is the one to call. They can be on the shy side when you first meet them, but once they open up, they're a blast to be around. 

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, as well as Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, spirituality and illusion. Because of this, Pisces love dreaming about the future and have a tendency to get lost in day dreams as well. Often, they'll get lost in their own world. So don't be offended if you're having a conversation and it seems like their mind is somewhere else. Consider that one of their quirks. 

If someone you know has a birthday that falls between February 19 and March 20 and you don't know what to get, we've rounded up nine dreamy gifts Pisces zodiac signs would love. Check those out below. 

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Metallic Sweet Surrender LifePlanner With Art by Michelle Robinson

Erin Condren
Sold By Erin Condren

Erin Condren's LifePlanners are perfect for Pisces because it gives them a space to write out their big goals and dreams, while helping them stay organized day-to-day. It comes with four planning sticker sheets and one holiday and heritage sticker sheet that they can use to make the planner totally their own. The beautiful geometric artwork in the front was also made by Michelle Robinson, and 35% of each sale during the month of February will go to the nonprofit Black Mamas Matter Alliance. 

This item can only be shipped to addresses in the United States

Sterling Forever CZ Crescent & Evil Eye Disk Pendant

Sterling Forver
Sold By Sterling Forever

Pisces is highly sensitive and very in tune to the people around them that many times, they tend to feel other's joy, excitement, pain and anger as if it were their own. For the most part, they tend to stay away from big crowds because it can be sensory overload for them. This evil eye disk pendant from Sterling Forever is a great gift for Pisces that will help protect against any negative vibes surrounding them. 

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Wildlife Collections The Voyage Bracelet

Wildlife Collections
Sold By Wildlife Collections

Every zodiac sign has lucky "power" colors and Pisces are seafoam green and aquamarine. The Voyage Bracelet from Wildlife Collections comes in a variety of colors including seafoam green and this pretty ocean blue. Even better, each bracelet comes with a different shark to track and each order also helps to support Saving the Blue, whose mission is to recover and restore threatened marine species and connect people with ocean life. 

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Nanaka Crown Enlightening Amber Perfume

Sold By MS Skincare

Pisces know there's more to this world than what we can see, and they tend to be in tune to the spiritual world. This perfume oil, featuring notes of amber and and frankincense, will help them balance their crown chakra which supports "spiritual connection, connection to our higher self and connection to the divine." 

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Bandolier Phone Stand

Sold By Bandolier

Pisces is a mutable sign, which means they're very adaptable and good with change. For them, successfully juggling multiple projects or tasks at once is a skill they have. With this fully collapsible, compact phone stand from Bandolier, Pisces is free to do what needs to be done while they chat on the phone or stream a movie

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Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines Stemless in Pink Tropical Flowers

Sold By Corkcicle

This cup from the Corkcicle x Vineyard Vines collection is casual, cool and gives us dreamy vacation vibes. It's very Pisces. This stemless cup will keep cold drinks cold for up to nine hours and hot drinks hot for three. 

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Jill & Ally Organize Your Chaos Green Fluorite Crystal Manifestation Candle

Jill & Ally
Sold By Jill & Ally

As much as we love our Pisces friends, Pisces are known for being a little chaotic. This manifestation candle from Jill & Ally will help to "spark joy, knowledge and regain order." It features green fluorite crystals for inspiration, innovation and awareness, and has a scent of woody sea mint and spruce.

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Besamé Cosmetics Exotic Pink Lipstick

Besamé Cosmetics
Sold By Besamé Cosmetics

This bright, flamingo-pink lipstick from Besamé Cosmetics will be a go-to for Pisces' next big spring or summer trip. It's made with squalane, aloe, and vitamin e, and provides a semi-matte finish. Besamé lipsticks are also known for being long-lasting, so this is a solid gift idea for Pisces. That pink is so pretty, we may even have to get one for ourselves!

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SunnyLife Beach Sounds Speaker

Sold By SunnyLife

This Beach Sounds Speaker from SunnyLife is just the kind of gift Pisces zodiac signs would be delighted to receive. The retro-inpired design is super cute, and made even better by the cool peachy pink color. Pisces love getting lost in their favorite songs, and this is perfect for bringing to the pool or a day at the beach. 

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