See Hilary Duff React After Being Mistaken for Lindsay Lohan

After watching a viral video that saw a classroom of students incorrectly identify Hilary Duff as Lindsay Lohan, the How I Met Your Father actress took to social media to share her thoughts.

By Emlyn Travis Feb 18, 2022 5:30 PMTags

Hey now! Hey now! This is not what dreams are made of.  

On Thursday, Feb. 17, Hilary Duff took to her Instagram Story to share her reaction to a teacher's viral video that asked students to identify early 2000s stars. If they could correctly guess the celebrities, the entire class would win a pizza party. Sounds easy, right?

Apparently not, because when the class was shown an image of Hilary as Lizzie McGuire, the students seemed to draw a blank. In the background, one student could be heard saying that she was part of the 2011 Disney Channel show Jessie, while another shouted, "…Lindsay Lohan?"  

Let's just say that the How I Met Your Father actress was less than impressed with their lack of pop culture knowledge, sharing the video and writing, "Man am I happy to not have to be 'good' for kids anymore." 

"Although it's Hilary Duff b-tches aka 'Lizzie' live it learn it," she wrote, before adding, "Floral pants are back." 

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However, Hilary need not take being mistaken for the Freaky Friday actress to heart, because it turns out kids today aren't familiar with any of our culture icons.

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When shown an image of a young Miley Cyrus dressed up as Hannah Montana, the class believed she was either Jojo Siwa, Katy Perry or Britney Spears, much to their teacher's amusement.

Hilariously, after being unable to identify Miley, the class thought that an image of Ashley Tisdale portraying Sharpay Evans in the film series High School Musical was "from Hannah Montana" instead.

It turns out that Hilary wasn't the only one offended by the students' answers. The video's comments were quickly filled with people who were similarly taken aback. 

"Offended by these babies and their lack of 2000s Disney knowledge," one user wrote. "This is NOT what dreams are made of."

Another commenter seemingly embraced their 'old age,' jokingly writing, "See yall at the nursing home!" 

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