The Hills' Kaitlynn Carter Claps Back at Haters Criticizing Her "Revealing" Outfits

“I’ve always read about women being criticized for their choices once they’d become mothers," The Hills' Kaitlynn Carter wrote on Instagram, "but this is my first personal experience with it."

By Elyse Dupre Jan 07, 2022 1:55 PMTags

Kaitlynn Carter doesn't have time for mom shamers.

The Hills: New Beginnings star, 33, took to Instagram on Jan. 5 to address some of the comments she's received about her New Year's Eve outfit.

Kaitlynn wore a YSL jumpsuit to ring in 2022 with her boyfriend Kristopher Brock and a few of their friends. But after reading some of the social media criticism about her look, she decided to speak out.

"I've always read about women being criticized for their choices once they'd become mothers, but this is my first personal experience with it," she wrote in her post. "Over the course of my time on Instagram, I've worn a number of 'revealing' outfits, and no one's been concerned. All of [a] sudden NOW it's so shocking. It's very sad to me that that's the world we're living in. You're expected to dress one way pre-children and another way post."

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Kaitlynn and Kristopher welcomed son Rowan Carter Brock in September. "One of my greatest fears in becoming a mother was that I'd lose who I was before," she continued. "As it turns out, I'm almost exactly the same (with the addition of someone new to be absolutely crazy about), and I am so happy about that!"

She then shared that she's "spent the past year struggling to fit into anything that wasn't oversized or maternity" and that she hadn't gone shopping for herself since giving birth. 

"So on New Years Eve, I went to a store in Dallas and I asked the salesperson to only show me the sexiest party outfits she had," Kaitlynn added. "She brought me this beautiful @ysl jumpsuit, and although my chest is currently much larger than usual because I'm BREASTFEEDING A CHILD, my boyfriend and I loved how it fit anyway. I said to myself, 'This is my body right now, and I can either feel ashamed and hide it, or I can do what I WANT to do which is embrace and celebrate everything that my body currently is and has been for me this past year.' So I did what I wanted to do, and that's what women should be encouraged to do ALL THE TIME."

Taking to Instagram Stories on Jan. 6, Kaitlynn then shared an example of the type of comments that she's received, including one that read, "100 disagree. If you don't change after becoming a mother, there's something wrong and you're not a good mom. Put your t-tties back in mama @kaitlynn."

However, Kaitlynn didn't give the post any attention and instead wrote, "I actually find this comical." 

She also thanked her followers for the kind and supportive messages she's received over the past few days.

"I wasn't ever posting the comments for sympathy. I just was more shocked," she said in a video. "I guess I had been blissfully ignorant to the fact that people are still, like, hating on women so much for wearing 'revealing' clothing. But then I'm also just so confused because, like, I could post a million bikini pictures. No one seems to have any problem with that, and they're just as revealing if not more obviously. So, it's all, like, a little bit perplexing to me. And just the fact that people are so offended by women's breasts in the first place, totally don't get it. Like, I genuinely am so confused…about the entire thing. But you know, there's a whole aspect to life that I'm now aware of and can ponder."

"If anything though," she continued, "it's only encouraged me to do what I'm doing because clearly something in the world needs to change and it's not that women need to cover themselves up more."

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