Anna Nicole Smith's Life and Death to Be Revisited in "Unflinching and Sensitive" Netflix Documentary

Netflix confirmed they're making an Anna Nicole Smith documentary with director Ursula Macfarlane. According to the streamer, the film will include never-before-seen footage of the reality star.

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Some legends truly never die. Almost 15 years after her shocking passing, Anna Nicole Smith is being memorialized once again in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

The streaming platform confirms that director Ursula Macfarlane is creating a yet-untitled feature-length documentary about the life and death of the beloved reality star

"I approached Anna Nicole's story as an epic mystery tale," Macfarlane said in a statement. "How did someone with so much charisma and jaw-dropping beauty, with the world at her feet, fall so far, so quickly? Now feels like the right time to re-examine the life of yet another beautiful young woman whose life has been picked over and ultimately destroyed by our culture."

She continued, "I am thrilled to work with Netflix and Propagate to make a moving, unflinching and sensitive portrayal of one of the most misunderstood women of our time."

According to Netflix, the project will feature "never-before-seen, exclusive footage from an unreleased documentary of an enchanting, unguarded young Anna Nicole on the verge of global stardom, offering a unique glimpse into her life out of the spotlight, and her dreams as a young mother."


Remembering Anna Nicole Smith

Though Anna's story has been explored in other TV shows, this film promises "surprising revelations" and testimony from people who reportedly declined to speak on the topic until now. 

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E! News reached out to Anna Nicole's boyfriend Larry Birkhead and her estate for comment on the project.

February 8 will mark 15 years since the reality star died of an accidental drug overdose. She was 39 at the time of her death, leaving behind her newborn daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, who was only 5-months-old.

Dannielynn has since grown up under the care of Larry, who once said he teaches the teen to understand that "excess is not always the best. Be careful who's around good, be caring. Give back. You don't have to be a star to shoot for the stars."

Variety was the first to report the news of the documentary.

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