How The MYX II Bike Compares to Peloton: An Honest Review

*Sigh* If only Mr. Big bought MYXfitness' bike.

By Emily Spain Jan 02, 2022 1:00 PMTags
E-Comm: MYX Bike Review

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As a spin class addict, I went through an identity crisis when cycling studios closed in March 2020. I know that sounds intense, but in matter of weeks my favorite way to escape life and break a sweat as well as a community of strangers who would scream Britney songs at the top of their lungs in a dark room was suddenly gone. I tried running, power walking, YouTube workouts and everything TikTok said would help me get abs, but nothing compared to the endorphin boost I would get from clipping into a spin bike. 

My mom felt the same and invested in a Peloton, which was great as I was living at home like many Millenials and Gen Z-ers did when we thought the pandemic would last a month—and we all know how that worked out. Soon Cody Rigsby's classes became my source of sanity and it felt good to pedal it out after a long day of working from home, but eventually I moved out, and again, was faced with the same fitness crisis as before. That was until I got The MYX II Plus bike.

I Hate Working Out but I Love the Mirror— and It's on Sale!

As someone who didn't want to spend all my savings on a Peloton and have to wait months on end, The MYX II Bike seemed like the perfect option, but I had my doubts that it wouldn't live up to the great experience I had with the Peloton. Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

First off, the MYXfitness bike is structurally pretty close to the Peloton. It's sturdy, made of quality material and provides you with in-workout data including heart rate, speed, cadence and distance like most cycling bikes. But it has more tech features like a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor that connects to the bike to track your heart rate, which would have certainly benefitted Mr. Big! Kidding, but not really. Additionally, you can pair your Apple Watch to ensure your ride helps you close those rings.

Aside from the physical logistics of the bike, the experience brings you as close to a cycling studio as you can get! MYX offers thousands of on-demand and live cycling and off-bike classes taught by world-class trainers. Whether you want to do an '80s-themed ride or a HIIT workout or pedal around a tropical coastline, the MYX II allows you to do it all!


The MYX II comes equipped with a 21.5" swivel tablet, a cadence/speed/distance sensor, plus a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor. Additionally, new workouts are added every week, so you won't get bored or feel like you're not being challenged! 

As for the pricing differences between The MYX II, The MYX II Plus and the Peloton, here's the breakdown.

The MYX II Bike, which includes the Star Trac Studio 5 Bike, a 21.5" swivel tablet, a cadence/speed/distance sensor, plus a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, is $1,399 not including the $39/month membership, which is slightly lower than Peloton's $1,495 base price. 

But for a limited time you can save even more on your MYX II Bike! With code: MYXHAPPY100, you can score $300 in savings by getting $100 off + free shipping and assembly ($200 value). Might we add, the delivery and assembly service was incredible, professional and fast! And the bikes comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

If you're looking to mostly pedal your heart out, we suggest The MYX II, but if you're looking to create the ultimate home gym, we suggest going for The MYX II Plus

The MYX II Plus

The MYX II Plus includes everything The MYX II has, but it comes with a 6-piece weight set and kettlebell (available in different color shades), the Stabilizer Mat, an exercise mat, an EVA foam roller, plus a resistance band. The Plus puts you at $1,599 (not including the limited-time discount and membership), which is still over $300 cheaper than Peloton's Bike Family Package.

Besides the lower price tag, what else made me fall in love with the MYX II more than the Peloton? There's a lot of reasons, but I'll highlight just a few.

There's something about the overall feel of the MYX II bike that's more personal. The swivel screen makes it easier to do off-bike workouts, which was one issue I had with the Peloton. I would try to do burpees or other workout moves and would trip over the bike in the process. Additionally, The MYX II offers handlebar height and depth adjustments and a larger pedal diameter—all things that make a difference for someone like me who is on the shorter side. Plus, the bike comes in white and black to match the interior of your home gym, closet or corner of the house dedicated to fitness.

But, the coolest feature in my opinion is there are separate coach and music volume controls, which the Peloton doesn't have. Some days you want to feel like you're in a bootcamp and have your instructor is your ear telling you that you're doing great or to up the resistance; but sometimes you want to get lost in the playlist and focus less on the trainer's commands. 

While I miss some of the Peloton instructors, I'm falling in love with MYXfitness' lineup of trainers. They're fun, encouraging and know how to help you break a sweat in an engaging way. Plus, the classes are available to stream on an app, so you can do trainer-led walking, running and pilates sessions on the go.

I could go on and on about all of the other ways The MYX II Bike hits it out of the park in the fitness arena, but I'll let you do your own research. At the end of the day, the way you sweat is up to you. But with 2022 just a few days away, I'd suggest treating yourself to The MYX Bike II because those abs and toned legs aren't going to happen on their own!

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