Michael Jackson's Son Prince Shares Rare Insight Into His Relationship With Siblings Paris and Blanket

In a rare interview with Good Morning Britain, Michael Jackson’s eldest son, Prince, opened up about the close kinship he shares with siblings, Paris and Prince II.

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Prince Jackson is opening up about the invincible relationship he shares with younger siblings, Paris Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Jackson II.
The eldest child of the late Michael Jackson discussed his still tight family ties in a rare interview with Good Morning Britain on Oct. 28. Citing his father's emphasis on putting those closest to him above all, it's clear that Prince has continued to stay true to that throughout the years.
"When we were growing up, my father would say, ‘We could have nothing, but you look around in this room, your brother, your sister, and me, that's all you'll ever have,'" Prince shared on the daytime show. "And that always stuck with my siblings and I, and we have such a close relationship. Because I'm the oldest, my father would always tell me [that] I have to make sure that the group is taken care of and that I have to be the leader and lead by example. But, after his passing, and us being thrown into the ‘real world,' my siblings honestly—they picked up the slack that I unfortunately left behind."

Michael Jackson's Kids Paris, Prince & Blanket Jackson Over the Years

The Invincible musician and his then-wife Debbie Rowe welcomed their first son, Prince, in February 1997, followed by his sibling, Paris, in April 1998. Before Michael's tragic passing in 2009, he welcomed a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as Blanket, via surrogate in February 2002.

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"At this point in our lives, it doesn't really feel like there's that hierarchy of ‘I'm the older brother,'" Prince continued. "We're all siblings and we're kind of all on that same level where my sister has her strengths, and my brother has his strengths where I'm not as strong in certain areas. They complement me in that way."
"Any moment I get to spend with my siblings now, especially as we're getting older and our own lives are starting to kind of blossom and grow," he added. "Every moment that I get with them—any little family dinner, any little family outing—is really a special moment for me."

Prince and Paris have also recently turned their personal relationship into a professional one, with the oldest sibling producing the music video for Paris' single with her band, "Your Look," in July 2020. However, if you were hoping for an on-camera duet between the two, Prince made it clear that his magic will remain behind-the-scenes.


"In the sense that I'll handle the visuals and she'll handle the music, I think I would love to do that again," he shared. "My sister has such a cinematic way of telling stories through her music and it's so raw because it comes from a place of true emotion. And any time, as a creative person, when you get that type of intellectual property, you get that type of project, it just makes the process so much easier, and on top of it, because her and I have such a great personal relationship, it makes being on set that much more fun."

In addition to taking part in the family business, Prince has made it his life's mission to focus on philanthropy, including helping to fund educational resources for children. And he says he's had some guidance along the way.


"It's not like a voice in my head, but in a way, it is," he shared of getting advice from his dad. "Because when you do philanthropic work and if you care about it a lot such as myself and my family, I think you tend to carry the weight or struggles of the people that you're trying to help. And that's really when I hear my father's voice the most is because those are the times when you struggle the most and you almost wonder, like, ‘How can I continue to keep doing this?'"

"And it's during those moments that I hear him, he's like, ‘Somebody has to do it. You have to do it," Prince noted. "You have to keep pushing forward and it's important that we do this. And he's kind of always on my shoulder, in my ear, motivating me to keep that moral compass pointing North."

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