Watch This Keith Urban Tribute Artist Wow the Clash of the Cover Bands Judges

Complete with a long blonde wig, Adam Rutledge fully transformed into his Keith Urban-inspired alter ego during a riveting Clash of the Cover Bands performance. Watch a sneak peek.

By Samantha Bergeson Oct 26, 2021 9:43 PMTags

There's a new King of Country!

Clash of the Cover Bands contestant Adam Rutledge embodied his idol, Keith Urban, in a stunning performance of "Somebody Like You."

Rutledge and his Kings of Country band rocked hard in an exclusive preview of tomorrow's episode, airing Wednesday, Oct. 27 on E!. While Rutledge was first drawn to cover Urban's music due to his guitar riffs, it was also Urban's signature hairstyle that kept Rutledge coming back for more. 

During the show-stopping performance, the judges certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, with Ester Dean dancing in her seat and Meghan Trainor nodding along. Adam Lambert even shouted out at one point! 

As Dean told E! News earlier this month, the Clash contestants' dedication to their tribute acts is what really rivets the crowd. "It's paying homage," Dean explained. "They're fans of J.Lo, they're fans of Céline Dion, they're fans of U2. So when you see another fan who took it to the extreme, to even start a cover band for the same band you love, and now you're hearing the songs and you're watching their dedication."

Clash of the Cover Bands Contestants

She added, "I really feel like sometimes you get to sing karaoke and sometimes you get to close your eyes and close your ears and still see that artist. When you close your eyes, you can see feel J.Lo up there. When you close your ears, you can still see the Dolly Parton up there." 

E!/Casey Durkin/Evans Vestal Ward

And now, we get to see Keith Urban's clone on stage!

Watch the stunning performance above and see him go head-to-head with a Tim McGraw tribute act Wednesday night.  

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