Hear a Serial Killer Describe His First Gruesome Murder in Haunting The Toolbox Killer Sneak Peek

"She got out a couple little quick screams." That's how serial killer Lawrence Bittaker detailed his first victim in a sneak peek at Peacock's The Toolbox Killer, premiering Sept. 23.

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An interview with a predator. 

In a new Peacock special, private investigator Laura Brand set out to uncover the details behind one of America's most sadistic serial killers, Lawrence Bittaker, a.k.a. The Toolbox Killer. And the "Siren of San Quentin," a nickname she earned through forensic psychological field interviews with over 50 serial killers, certainly delivered the true story behind Bittaker's 1979 killing spree. 

An exclusive sneak peek at Brand's two-hour documentary The Toolbox Killerpremiering Thursday, Sept. 23, captures sinister audio tapes from a phone call with Bittaker. 

"Lawrence Bittaker and I finally built that trust and that rapport," Brand explains in the clip. "He started to reveal stuff that he had never told anybody else about this case." Including his recollection of that initial June 24, 1979 murder, captured in a 2014 conversation with Brand.

"Why don't you tell me about the first killing, the first victim?" Brand starts in the episode she executive produced with Mike Mathis and Matthew Testa for Mike Mathis Productions. "You said that you and Roy Morris had just snatched her off a sidewalk."

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Communicating from death row, Bittaker responds, "We were just driving around the beach area one weekend. She was dropped off at a church meeting in Redondo Beach and she had left early. She was walking back to her grandparents' place where she was staying, and they started to trail her."

Bittaker offered the young woman a ride home as well as marijuana. After she refused, his partner Roy "jumped out and grabbed her," pulling her into their car, he details. "She got out a couple little quick screams and he dragged her in the van, closed the door, and I drove up the hill, off." 


Watch the video above to hear more of the goosebump-inducing story. 

The Toolbox Killer premieres on Thursday, Sept. 23 on Peacock. It will also premiere on Oxygen Sunday, Oct. 3.

(E!, Peacock and Oxygen are all part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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