Will a Smelly Ariana Grande Question Stump This Family on Cash at Your Door? Watch

How well does the Schmidt family really know their own home decor? Cash At Your Door host Jason Biggs hilariously stumps the Schmidts in a sneak peek at the Sept. 21 episode.

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Watch: Ariana Grande Question Brings Family Closer to Winning $25K

These contestants need to "Take a Hint." 

While their pop culture references were on point, especially with Ariana Grande knowledge proving to pay off, the Schmidt family didn't seem to know their own living room! 

In a hilarious sneak peek at tonight's episode of Jason Biggs' Cash At Your Doorairing Sept. 21, host Jason Biggs stumps the Schmidts with a curveball question. 

"So, $25,000 is up for grabs here today," Jason starts, explaining that each correct answer for the first round lands them $250 in the bank. 

After correctly guessing the Amazon River, the Schmidts' second question gives them pause: "What celebrity's fragrance line includes the scents Sweet Like Candy, R.E.M. and Thank U, Next?" Jason asks.

Mrs. Schmidt responds, "I didn't know she had a fragrance line but that sounds like Ariana Grande!" 

Turns out, her Ariana fandom came in handy!

Then, Jason makes it a little tougher: Will the Schmidts be able to remember the fortune they keep on their own bulletin board?

Jason Biggs' Best Roles

Well, let's just say, the best is not yet to come. "And it was the first thing we put on the bulletin board!" Jay Schmidt says. "I'm so mad at myself right now!"

Jason previously told E! News' Daily Pop that he was born to be a game show host. "Game show hosting for me has been so much fun," he gushed on Aug. 30. "I love meeting new people, I love talking to people, I love improvising, I love giving away someone else's money."


He added, "You can't mess it up. It is exactly what the title implies. I am the host of this show and I'm coming to your house, and I have lots of cash and I want to give it to you." 

Watch the fun clip above to also hear the Schmidts' adorable love story before tonight's new episode!

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