Monica Lewinsky Explains Why She No Longer Needs an Apology From Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky used to want some kind of “resolution” with Bill Clinton after his impeachment, but she revealed she doesn’t have that “feeling” anymore and doesn’t need closure.

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Monica Lewinsky doesn't need Bill Clinton to tell her he's sorry about their sex scandal. 

The activist and producer of American Crime Story: Impeachment (which stars Beanie Feldstein as her younger self in the new FX series) spoke to TODAY about why she no longer feels that the former president owes her an apology. 

Savannah Guthrie asked if she wishes she could speak to Clinton or if she feels he owes her an apology after all these years. 

"There was a long period, before my life changed in the last six or seven years, where I felt a lot in terms of there not being this resolution," Lewinski, 48, responded. "I'm very grateful that I don't have that feeling anymore. I don't need it."

She then suggested that Clinton should still apologize. "He should want to apologize, in the same way that I want to apologize any chance I get to people that I've hurt and my actions have hurt," Lewinsky said. 


The Cast of Impeachment: American Crime Story

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 7, viewers are getting to see her side of the story by watching the dramatization of the 1990s impeachment saga. But does she want Clinton to watch the show?

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"I don't even know how to really answer that," Lewinsky told Guthrie. 

She said it's been "really hard" for her to watch Feldstein play her younger self, explaining that she wants to tell younger Monica Lewinski to not "make bad decisions." She still calls the ordeal "some of the worst" moments of her life and said she "regrets" a lot of the "cringe-worthy" behavior of her 20s.

During her interview with TODAY, the producer said she isn't sure if the scandal would have played out the same way today as it had in 1998. 

"I don't know that it would be as different as people want to think it would be," Lewinsky said. "But we are having conversations about power differentials in different ways. It's not just people in power who have voices. The beauty and the beast of social media is more people can be heard. I might have had a little bit of support."

The American Crime Story cast also includes Sarah PaulsonJudith LightBilly EichnerCobie SmuldersEdie Falco and Taran Killam, with Clive Owen as Clinton. It premieres Sept. 7 on FX. 

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