Did JoJo Siwa Just Reveal Her Dancing With the Stars Partner? You Decide

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Hold up: Did JoJo Siwa just spill who her Dancing With the Stars partner is? 

The J Team star revealed that her "groundbreaking" season 30 DWTS pro may be none other than returning champion Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy! After just two rehearsals, JoJo is already gushing about working with her "dream partner" during E! News' Daily Pop on Sept. 2.

"So far, it's been amazing," the Dance Moms alum raved, before adding that her girlfriend Kylie joked she shouldn't get too close to the pro dancer. "Before I went to the first rehearsal, Ky tells me, 'Tell her, tell Jenna she needs to leave room for Jesus.'" 

JoJo is making history as the first DWTS contestant to compete with a same-sex partner. JoJo came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in Jan. 2021, and the DWTS producers gave the YouTube influencer a choice of selecting a male or female pro to be paired with.

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"When I got the email to be on Dancing With the Stars, I didn't even read the whole email, I just replied yes," JoJo explained. "And then when I read it, they asked me, they said, 'We want to give JoJo the chance if she wants to do, to dance with a female instead of a male. But if she wants to dance with a male and keep it traditional, we want her to be as comfortable and have the best experience ever,' and immediately I was like, that is so groundbreaking, history, it's never been done before and it needed to be done."

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JoJo added, "I think it's so untraditional and it's amazing."

To the young star, it's like she's "already won" the competition thanks to representing same sex couples onscreen.

"I've already had so much good come from this show and from this experience, history came from it," JoJo reflected. "My partner and I, we both obviously want to win the Mirror Ball, that's what everybody's there for. But at the same time, we have to work really hard to do that. I'm going to be judged a lot harder because I am a dancer." 

JoJo also drew on her real-life experiences from her former Dance Moms troupe, led by Abby Lee Miller, when executive producing her film The J Team. "Obviously when you see the full movie, you'll hear that there's some funny lines and funny references that could make you think that," JoJo revealed about Abby's influence.

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However, she did omit one "very iconic" catchphrase from the original script. "I took that out of the film because I don't want it to be ever taken as a backstab or a jab or a dig, because I have no reason to," JoJo admitted. "I'm very successful because of Dance Moms. That's where I started. I've always been very supportive of Abby and I always will be." 

Watch the full interview above to find out why The J Team is so "addicting to watch," plus get more of the BTS scoop for DWTS!

The J Team premieres Friday, Sept. 3 on Paramount+. 

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