Jon Gosselin’s Ex-Girlfriend Colleen Conrad Shares Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Jon Gosselin's former girlfriend Colleen Conrad has undergone a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Read on for her reminder that could “make the world of difference” in one’s health.

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UPDATE: In light of the news that Colleen Conrad is battling breast cancer, a rep for Jon Gosselin confirms to E! News that they're no longer together. 

Jon spoke to The Sun about their "incredibly sad" breakup, which he said took place this past February. "It's hard, it was a big decision," he explained. "We have been together for seven years which is a long time, so it's very upsetting." 

After Colleen's diagnosis in April, Jon said he "wanted to see it through and support her through her treatment and work through it all." 

Get more details on Colleen's health below.


Jon Gosselin's girlfriend of seven years Colleen Conrad recently shared that she's fighting breast cancer.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star's partner took to Instagram to announce that she was diagnosed after going in for a mammogram on April 15.

"I had put it off for almost 2 1/2 years due to lack of time and Covid and later got a call that a mass was found in my right breast," she captioned her Aug. 7 Instagram post. "Everything after that happened so fast. Then on 4/21, I got the call that is confirmed it was cancer. Stage 2, triple-negative breast cancer. I was BRCA1 and 2 negative. Everything seemed so surreal."

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Colleen said she underwent a single mastectomy on her right breast on July 14, followed by a DIEP Flap procedure on July 30.

"I feel good," she continued. "The DIEP flap was a personal choice for me . I am very happy with the outcome but I also had amazing surgeons at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia."

Fortunately for Colleen, surgery showed that the cancer had not spread to her nodes, and doctors downgraded her diagnosis to stage one. She is awaiting news on her Oncotype number to determine whether she'll proceed with chemotherapy.


"I think the first time it hit me and felt real is when I felt the lump myself in the shower," Colleen recalled. "That was the first time I broke down and cried. I had not been doing monthly self-breast exams like I should have."

Colleen said she was "lucky" she caught her cancer early, and reminded everyone with breasts to get mammograms and partake in monthly self-breast exams. "Early detection will make the world of difference and give you a better fighting chance," she said.


She concluded, "I was also lucky enough to have support through amazing friends and family but mostly my 2 kids Jesse and Jordan and my sister Debbie. Even though My sister was 1200 miles away. She was always there supporting me. I have one last surgery in about 2 months but I feel good!!"

Jon has not reacted publicly to Colleen's health setback. She last posted with him in November 2020 to celebrate their anniversary.

"Everyday I love you more and more," Colleen expressed. "I can't imagine you not being in my life. I can't wait to see what the coming years have in store for us!"

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