Here's the Truth Behind Those Amal Clooney Pregnancy Rumors

After a report surfaced claiming George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney were expecting their third child, a spokesperson for the couple spoke out to set the record straight.

By Mike Vulpo Jul 30, 2021 6:56 PMTags
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Don't believe everything you read about the Clooney family.

On Friday, July 30, a report surfaced claiming Amal Clooney was pregnant and expecting another baby with husband George Clooney.

But before you raise a glass to the proud parents, a representative for the couple tells E! News stories saying that Amal is pregnant are not true.

Instead, the pair is simply enjoying the summer with their 4-year-old twins Ella and Alexander. In fact, the couple's kids were able to celebrate their recent birthdays in Italy near beautiful Lake Como.

Like so many parents can relate to, the past year was a unique one as the coronavirus pandemic kept families at home and limited large activities. In an interview with The Guardian, George reflected on the pandemic that continues to impact people around the world.

"This has been a crappy year for everyone," he told the publication in December 2020. "Started badly and ran badly all year long, until recently... But I'm very lucky. I ended up having a successful career. I wound up living in a home with some space in it. We can walk around outside."

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Ultimately, the father of two explained that he was concerned for his son's health amid COVID-19.


"My son has asthma," he shared. "They say it's not so bad on young people. But do we know that? We don't know anything about the long-term of this yet."

But during the candid interview, the actor made it clear that he was optimistic that better days were ahead. After all, he did have an amazing wife by his side for every major milestone.

"There are some people, their goal was, 'I have to have children.' Mine wasn't," George told Today in March 2020. "I wasn't looking at life, going, 'My life will be unfulfilled without children.' I felt like I had a pretty full life. Then I met Amal and realized that my life had been pretty empty. And then when you throw these two kids in there, then suddenly you realize how incredibly empty it was."

When it comes to fatherhood, the proud dad added, "[It's given me] a sense of belonging and a sense of home and unconditional love. All the things that you were hoping you could get from a really good career and a dog. You realize that this is a lot more than that."

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