Brody Jenner Says It's "Hurtful" That Ex Kaitlynn Carter Didn't Disclose Her Pregnancy to Him Sooner

In The Hills: New Beginnings, Brody Jenner revealed how he feels about ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter expecting a baby with Kristopher Brock.

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Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner are among the few Hollywood exes who have smoothly transitioned from Mr. and Mrs. to just friends, but the influencer's pregnancy is creating a bump in the road.

As Brody revealed on the July 28 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, he was none too pleased to learn she's expecting a baby with boyfriend Kristopher Brock. And no, it's not because he's jealous. Rather, Brody was upset to receive the happy news from someone other than Kaitlynn, whom he once shared a life with.

"Of course it's hurtful to see all of these other people that seem to know that she's pregnant and not me," Brody admitted in his confessional. "A baby was such a big part of our relationship and talk in our relationship. I don't need to be the first one to know but I think I should be in the top 10."

Kaitlynn herself said she was apprehensive to divulge this information to Brody because they previously hoped to welcome a child together. 

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"It's just a big thing to share with somebody," she explained to other cast members, adding that she knew this would really solidify their split. "It feels like one final nail in the coffin."

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Ultimately, fans were left on a cliffhanger, with Kaitlynn and Brody's conversation to be continued.

That being said, months have passed since the show was filmed and it seems all is as it should be. Brody's mom, Linda Thompson, frequently expresses excitement for Kaitlynn on Instagram, proving that there's no ill will between the Jenners and Kaitlynn. Two weeks ago Linda commented, "I'm so happy you are taking photos of how adorable you look pregnant! You'll be happy to see these in later years! You look radiant!"

Kaitlynn confirmed she's feeling as radiant as she looks in a recent interview on the Hillcast podcast, sharing that her pregnancy is "something that I wanted for so long."

"I'm just really excited," the mom to be gushed. "I've been really lucky—I haven't had sickness or anything like that."


The influencer also said that viewers will play witness to her telling Brody about the pregnancy. And seemingly in anticipation of this drama, she assured, "He and I are really close. There's nothing he's saying on the show that I haven't heard him say in real life. We have a very transparent relationship."

See how her and Brody's conversation panned out when The Hills: New Beginnings season finale airs next Wednesday on MTV.

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