You Have to See This Beauty's "Beast" Birth Mark That the Botched Docs Take on

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Beauty and the beast. 

On the July 20 season finale of BotchedDrs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow remove a "beast" birth mark from Chicago native Jazmyn. After years of feeling self-conscience about the "lightning bolt shooting down" her neck, Jazmyn sought the Botched docs' expertise in not just treating the inflamed and growing birth mark but removing it all together. 

"I literally have a beast growing out of my neck," Jazmyn explained. "It bleeds, it cracks, it burns. I sweat from it. I just don't want to have deal with it anymore."

She even feels forced to wear her long hair down in public to avoid peoples' questions and stares.

"I just have a huge, disgusting, ugly monster on my neck," Jazmyn added. 

In the past, dermatologists advised Jazmyn to "maintain" her birth mark with anti-itch cream, which Jazmyn called "high-maintenance" care for something she didn't want in the first place. "I'm ready for this baby to go away," she concluded. 

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Dr. Dubrow is amazed that the large splotch is really a birth mark. Dr. Nassif added that the placement of Jazmyn's "beast" is in "tiger country" which is difficult to operate on. 

"This is probably right in one of the worst areas you could have," Nassif noted. "The stakes here are very high because it's in a very, very unusual area. Can I even find a way to safely remove this?"

The birth mark runs through areas with "lots of nerves and blood vessels," so Dr. Nassif thinks that a tissue expander would be the only way to operate. Hopefully, it would stretch the skin and make it easier to close after cutting out the birth mark.


Jazmyn is overjoyed at the opportunity to go under the knife. "In the past, I felt like a lost cause," she confessed. "I felt like nobody could really help me. This mark has consumed so much of my identity, so hearing that there's a strong possibility of it being taken off, I feel like the heaven's opened up and sang to me." 

Dr. Nassif inserted the tissue expander (which Jazmyn named "Belle") and injected saline to puff up the skin. However, when Jazmyn was back home in Chicago, she was rushed to the emergency room after the expander "popped" and began leaking.

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Back in Los Angeles, Dr. Nassif tried to figure out what went wrong. "What caused Jazymn's tissue expander to pop? I have no clue," he stressed. "I really hope this complication didn't derail any of the fantastic progress we made." 

Nassif vowed to remove as much of the birth mark as possible, but he admitted the operation would "be tricky." Thankfully, the surgery was a success. 

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Finally, 20 weeks post-operation, Jazmyn returned to the Botched docs' office to get her "beast" covered up—and show off her new, shorter hair. She still had to apply numbing cream to heal the area, but medical tattoo artist Ruth applied ink to have Jazmyn's birth mark scar blind in and relieve any of Jazmyn's lingering insecurities.

"It looks amazing," Jazmyn's boyfriend Gerald gushed after seeing Jazmyn. 

Dr. Nassif was equally as impressed with Ruth's work. "When I first met Jazmyn, she was terrorized by this beast," he reflected. "Now she's rocking that short hair, she's confident, she's got a smile on her face. And that's what makes everything I do worth it."


For Jazmyn, she doesn't miss her birth mark one bit. "Words can't explain how excited I am and how eternally grateful I am to you," she told Dr. Nassif. "I feel liberated..The beast lost, like, she lost. Hashtag short hair, don't care!" 

Drs. Nassif and Dubrow also removed calf implants on a woman who was convinced she lost her legs in a past life, and consulted a young man who already underwent $75,000 of plastic surgery. 

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